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Slash's brother's GN'R pinball machine for sale


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This gets me all nostalgic over just how popular Guns N' Roses were; and how famous musicians could become back then. In contrast, let's use Lady Gaga as an example of possibly the most successful artist f recent years. Her merch team are never going to bring out a pinball machine. Even with the music industry being as fertile as it is, fans aren't going to part with so much money to display their dedication.

I really hope that it sells to a museum or bar, so as many people as possible can enjoy it.

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Saw that pinball machine at a hookah bar a few weeks ago but it was out of order. Next time I went there it was gone and I was just there the other day and it was still gone. Damn shame.

Ask them about it, maybe they put it in back because it's broken. If so and they are interested in selling it let me know, I'm willing to travel for one that needs work if it's the right price.

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