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Never seen the original but just read the book (came in a 3-pack with 'Salem's Lot and The Shining) and absolutely loved it. Julianne Moore is incredible, and Chloe Moretz sounds like quite the precocious young lady. I'm definitely excited to see this. I guess I'm ok with them modernizing it, but I'm sure it'll still fall short of the book if I had to guess.

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And I have to mention it's ridiculous how much advertising and previews they show these days. No exaggeration, the movie started 24 minutes after the official movie start time. I don't go to the movies very often, Is this the norm these days?

Yes. For quite some time the common practice at major movie chains is 20 minutes of previews (I'm not kidding) and yeah about 2-4 of random advertisements, usually for the theater. I know that if I need to be somewhere after a movie, I always count the movie time, plus an extra 20 minutes.

Also, I completely agree with Holden Caulfield. The original is so iconic I don't know why they'd try to remake it. Well I do... because its Hollywood and that is literally all they do these days, but this is one of the more dumb decisions. Everyone knows the story now and the reason the original was so scary was a lot of people had never read the book. At least with the superhero remakes, there's kind of a reason for them to update the look. There isn't a real reason for that in a horror film, especially one like Carrie.

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Why don't they just start the previews and ads around 10-15 minutes before the stated start time, and those who want to sit through them can go early? I'm sure they believe there's a larger captive audience by not doing that, but once people like me learn of the 20+ minute delay they'll just arrive 15 minutes after the start time anyway. :shrugs:

Because nobody wants to sit through them and the advertisers would soon get pissed paying money to screen to an empty theatre.

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