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A Positive: Time to Change Singing Style

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Ok, I'm inspired by today's events on mygnr, and this thread is now about How Eddie Vedder should lose the deep voice and start doing all PJ songs in an Axl esc falsetto. Discuss.....


ike you all, I've watched and listened to the concert clips for the last several years, and Axl's trademark raspy, high vocals just don't have the power they used to. Makes sense considering the tole that style must have on the vocal cords. I think a bit of the great Robert Plant and basically all of his post-Physical Graffiti vocals, and it's kinda the same. His voice was just shot from years of screeching. Plant has taken his high range down a few scales and also gotten into new styles (I.e., blue grass), and he has really moved forward in a way that garners even more respect and admiration.

So why not a change of style for Axl? I mean, his deep (think It's So Easy) and mid (parts of This I Love) range vox are amazing and powerful! Why not rework some classics so they feature those styles and rest the high pitch, that just as a sacrifice over the years, is no longer a great part of Axl's performance. I mean, though he's known for the high stuff, Axl has the great gift from God of several ranges that are just awesome! Time to make a change for the better.


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Listen to this. Rasp or no rasp, or moderate amounts of rasp, it is in no way, shape or form a bad performance. He nails the song, his voice does not sound like Mickey at all, it echoes through the stadium.

What the fuck happened.

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