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  1. Slash will be excited to be back on stage.
  2. David Lee Roth - DLR Band (1998)
  3. depends on the kind of album Axl wants to release and if it's anything like Chinese, maybe there are already songs in place that Axl wants to use and he already reached a point where he's satisfied with what it says musically for the most part so maybe he always had the intention to release that material and just wants Slash and Duff to be added to it.
  4. if Axl is emotionally attached to that material and thinks it's great shit, why would he not use it? we know what his approach was with Chinese. Maybe the quality of it is more important than how old the tunes are. I think it would take too much time, even more time for Gn'R to start from scratch compared to whatever Axl is doing now which could be trying to add Slash and Duff to what he managed to record with the previous lineups.
  5. can just call Steven, Slash, Axl, Izzy, and Duff the classic lineup and those who came first the original lineup.
  6. but we don't really know that. The cat is out of the bag for the hardcore fans who downloaded the leak so it could serve the purpose of playing a "new" tune cause the leak got a good reception from the fanbase also Axl has been known to change his mind about which tunes get an official release as part of an album.
  7. maybe but that's irrelevant to me as it won't take away from the personal experience of listening to a new Gn'R album.
  8. I choose to believe it will at some point in this decade. No pressure. We'll get more live shows, maybe they'll play Hard School and introduce unplayed UYI tunes to the set and new covers/solo spots in the meantime, but if Axl didn't manage to release anything in 12 years, surely it must mean his process is slow and he won't release it until all the conditions are met for a new Guns album to see the light of day. Once you accept there's nothing you can do to change this headstrong approach and that the rest of the band pretty much waits for Axl to be ready then it's easier to see how this
  9. Chinese is worthwhile, quality was never a problem I think. you kinda talk like the Slash era was the only good era which is just your opinion lol. 2001-2002, 2006-2010 plus a great album was a fun rollercoaster ride for me. I wish there was more of it but it was another exciting time to be a fan imo.
  10. Axl looked and sounded just fine in 2016 imo. A lot of exciting shows even in 2017 but then it went downhill from there.
  11. The Blue Stones - Hidden Gems (2021)
  12. agreed. Murder in cold blood is going a bit too far. Racist cops are out of control over there in the US and it's nothing new. Difference is people can film everything nowdays with their smart phones. a lot of killer cops get away with it actually but this particular piece of shit is probably not going to. You are not forced to watch it, but it's one of the most horrific and shameful crimes that happened recently so naturally CNN is going to cover it.
  13. heh chill man, we're just talking here. no vocals on tunes that are supposed to be Gn'R so it's mostly instrumental and 4-5 previously unheard and unfinished tracks are not comparable to an official release of a full album and we don't even know which tunes Axl potentially wants to use. I don't believe the 2019 leaks reflect all the unreleased material from the Chinese era and once Slash and Duff are added to it maybe it will be very different to the leaks,.
  14. but you've never heard it so it's entirely new material to you. We have nothing so I don't really understand this position of not being interested just cause it's not fresh. (most of Chinese wasn't new to most of us cause of the leaks) Especially when it seems that Axl still believes in the unreleased material just going by what he said in the China Exchange interview. feels like the end of Gn'R as a creative entity should be with a Guns album from a lineup that includes Slash and Duff, not with Chinese from 2008. Axl doesn't do disposable.
  15. was Iovine really wrong? Axl never found a guitarist that could fill Slash's shoes cause Gn'R is the kind of band that every member brought something unique to and Slash was one of the main contributors. No one plays like him which I believe was the main problem for new Gn'R. Bucket was worthy but people didn't embrace him in Gn'R it seems. in the end Chinese came out and Slash/Duff came back. Apart it didn't work for any of them. Most of the released Chinese material could have been played by Slash in 1999 when Robin left cause I think as a commercial entity new Gn'R was destined to fail
  16. I think that Axl doesn't want to give updates so there are mostly no real updates. Maybe he prefers the risk level to be zero, there is no way anyone could say he was promised an album cause he doesn't really talk about releasing new material and when he does he remembers to say that soon is still not the word or he talks about it in general (would love to release new music) and kinda leaves it at that. I think it doesn't mean nothing is coming in the future, if there comes a time where Axl actually wants to release new music, we'll know about it then or shortly before release. This is wh
  17. don't know if that would have been a successful idea to most Gn'R fans cause that box set seems to be about nostalgia for the lineup that recorded Appetite originally. I would have probably liked it personally though.
  18. I think it's going to be released. It got a new cover. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ex-guns-n-roses-drummer-matt-sorums-autobiography-double-talkin-jive-gets-new-cover/
  19. I think it was a good idea for the band to record it so they could cover it better, but it seems Axl thought about actually releasing the entire rerecorded Appetite and he did release the SCOM hybrid. You can't do that with certain albums imo, the fans would never accept it. it made more sense for Live Era, at least it was Axl's own work that got rerecorded but this was too out there for Gn'R with Appetite imo.
  20. they both "won" I suppose, cause the tour was a huge success but Axl called Slash, not the other way around. I think they need each other as musicians and to make more money as well.
  21. singing in that style is like going to the gym. If you stop for a long period of time it's going to be more difficult to achieve great results vocally. That, and Axl is not 25 anymore. doesn't sound like he had surgery or damaged his vocal chords, but it's just a guess of course.
  22. probably none of it is going to make it and Slash is going to rerecord all of it. It would kinda defeat the purpose of the album to include a brilliant Bucket solo but to answer your question I think Bucket cause Axl said how the group of players from that era were the right players for the album and since the album could contain material from that era the best way to represent that would be imo work from Robin and Bucket.
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