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  1. yes, in principal the point of a forum is to discuss the band and share differing opinions and of course you are free to debate whatever you want, but are we really going to pretend that correcting ludicrous statements is where it ends? or that it is in proportion in quantity to a few fans saying ridiculous shit? you present it like it is in your post. (it's so silly all the time, that it's warranted. I disagree) and I honestly think that a lot of Gn'R fans have this really bitter attitude towards the band cause it is what it is and it's not something else. So when the same usual suspects say something ridiculous, it quickly divulges into how Gn'R doesn't care or could do this, that, and the other. if that's what some people want to do, fine. I can always keep scrolling, but it takes away from the experience imo cause I'm genuinely interested in what those posters have to share when they're not bitching about how Gn'R is much less than what it is perceived to be by some other fans. And just to clarify: critic of the band is healthy and welcomed but it's not always constructive and often just as exaggerated as those silly biggest band in the world statement/packed stadiums. (Axl can't sing anymore, the band doesn't give a shit, they're only going to release music after Axl is dead, why is Axl not doing what he doesn't want to do?, etc) sometimes the baggage that comes with being the type of Gn'R fan that can't adjust their expectations makes it tedious to discuss. I think that's the point I was trying to make.
  2. I've noticed that lately, even if 1 person says something silly like that, than some posters just can't resist to point out how it's factually incorrect and they just can't believe how delusional some fans are. Over and over again. is it really that important to make it clear to everyone that Gn'R can't sell tickets anymore and it's not what it used to be twice a day? the satisfaction of educating other Gn'R fans on these important issues must be very rewarding. I think that yes, sometimes fans can exaggerate when it comes to their favorite band, but that's a very small minority and is expected in every fanbase and it's fine to correct shit but it becomes like a constant thing.
  3. yeah, maybe you already know this, but there was an interview with both Slash and Myles being interviewed together and Myles was asked if he can give lessons to Slash and Myles said that's the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard lol. He did say that sometimes he shows Slash a new guitar trick and Slash quickly learns it and plays it perfectly. Myles and Tremonti are great guitar players but Slash is just a rare talent imo.
  4. I like Sugar Cane. Mainly the music. Shatner's Rocket Man is a fun cover. I'm glad it exists.
  5. nice chorus riff and the metalic groove in the verse is neat. Withered Delilah vibe right after the solo. Not bad. I prefer Driving Rain, WOF, and You're A Lie as singles. also... just because it's Slash I think HS is a much better track and I'm guessing that the full Conspirators 4 album will be much better than this. Anyway, it's good to have a new Slash song to listen to. Myles didn't impress me with this one and the song has a disjointed feel to it which I don't care for. Overall, pretty much what you'd expect from an average SMKC track, but I'm still excited about the album. As someone else already mentioned, Myles is kinda low in the mix. Slash's solo is energetic but not really inspired imo. The style of the song sounds like a cross between what you'll find on WOF and LTD which is pretty cool.
  6. tried to find it, no luck. Maybe someone else at least remembers the name of the venue @Blackstar, but if I manage to find it, I'll let you know.
  7. actual footage. I think the goon didn't know who Bumblefoot was and it took place in 2006 iirc, so in the same year he joined Gn'R.
  8. I disagree. I think the main problem was wearing sunglasses indoors.
  9. I think that if Axl was genuinely interested in more airplay and awareness for new Gn'R releases, he would have actually promoted it and invested more resources in making sure the maximum amount of people that are interested in the product he's selling, knew about it. the fact that rock music sells like shit nowdays and Axl seems to keep a pretty low profile and giving almost no interviews suggests he is fine with making his money from live shows without the hassle of actually doing work that doesn't really have financial rewards anymore. Gn'R retained enough fans to make a bunch of money as soon as Slash returned, I think they're doing fine. Gn'R's 2021 approach to releasing Absurd and HS kinda reminds me of how Izzy did it. Just digitally releasing a lot of his music through itunes with no promotion. Different musicians, different approach and goals.
  10. why should I care about what other people think of it if I personally enjoy it? even a positive reaction to a "new" Gn'R song or album has no effect on me personally so honestly, I really don't give a shit that nobody gives a shit.
  11. saw it yesterday. I thought it was really well done. Not without its flaws, but very stylish and has its own vibe. Didn't disappoint. Also seems like one of those movies that are worth seeing on the big screen. Cool music too.
  12. Succession - season 3. First episode was great. Scenes From A Marriage - impeccable acting by Jessica Chastain and Oscar Issac.
  13. interesting. So if Beta meant a full Guns album while talking about Absurd being a part of it, this could mean HS is a part of it as well.
  14. Bumble said he worked on 30 tunes so I believe the unreleased second half of CD consisted of at least 14 completed tracks. (I've excluded Absurd and HS) it's a conservative number cause I believe there is a lot of material that was maybe unfinished at the time and has been worked on since. beggars can't be choosers, but I would really like to get music that was created by the current line up as well. I think Slash still has the ability to compose great shit that Axl can turn into something even better. He even saved a couple of riffs for Gn'R to use at the very least as you probably know, but if I had to guess, I'd say the entire potential next Guns album or most of it is Chinese era material. Tunes that Axl wanted to release for more than a decade and he's just going to move forward with it and Slash and Duff chose to be a part of that project, helping him to update it. I don't think releasing even great shit from the Chinese era which I'm very interested in is the same as coming up with fresh material and have it reflect artistically where the band is right now, but there is more than 1 way to make a great album and there are advantages to using what you consider to be great shit, even if it's old. maybe if everything goes according to plan, someday we'll get brand new music from Gn'R, but that possibility is too far in the future to worry about right now imo. pretty sure I'll like at least some of what Axl wants to release.
  15. lol yeah ok. Thanks for clarifying. Axl is just human. Axl is just another guy. no matter how interesting one finds him: he's just another dude. Good voice, but it ends there. Got it. it's fun explaining to another Gn'R fan why I find Axl interesting and unique in a Gn'R forum. This thread delivered.
  16. why are you calling him Bill Bailey now though? and why can't you simply accept that every person views shit differently? it's not that complicated: I find Axl to be a unique and fascinating musician. I think there is only 1 Axl Rose. You seem to have a weird need to define him in such a way that makes it clear to everyone that he is nothing special. Unique, but just like all the rest of the musicians you've mentioned that are not Axl Rose. To each his own.
  17. he was really good at being Axl Rose. The best.
  18. a version of a complete album existed before the reunion took place. We know Slash and Duff worked on Axl's material. Updating enough tunes for a full album with Slash and Duff additions doesn't seem like it will be that difficult to do. I think it's highly unlikely that all Slash and Duff worked on was Absurd and HS so I think a finished album with Slash and Duff must exist.
  19. I have already shared the reasons for why I find him unique in this thread. (page 1) others have also given reasons I agree with.
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