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What if...Motley Crue became popular with Hipsters


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People on this forum have the most fucked up ideas of what hipsters are, holy shit.

Shh, let them keep building fictional subcultures around Broski's opinions.

Edit: wait, Crüe actually have a song called Smoking in the Boys Room? :rofl-lol:

I'll start a hippidy hoppity one just so you don't feel left out.

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Smoking in the Boys Room was an Alice Cooper song that the Crue covered. Its a classic.

No no no, haha- that song was by Brownsville Station and later covered by Motley Crue.

For some reason online it is often attributed to Alice Cooper ( saw it mislabelled a lot in the old limewire days)

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I have no idea why Motley Crue related discussions cause this many problems, but they do.

Please, stop insulting posters when talking about this band. It's getting ridiculous.

Isn't that crazy?

Why would people get angry or feel the need to insult others just because they don't share the same enjoyment over a band? Weird.

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