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I'd love an audition for the GNR biopic

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Hey everyone, you guys may remember me- I used to post here a year ago, I was the kid who hitch-hiked to LA to become famous? I came up the axl-toad quote? I'm a 22 [ugh, getting old] musician originally from florida

Anyway since then I’ve moved to London and I’m at film school. I started acting in LA and absolutely loved it, and I’m taking a stab and making it a career. I’m doing very well and I honestly feel like I’m very good (not in the same delusional way as my singer.) I’m very interested in this biopic about GNR.

Quite frankly, I think using A list actors is a huge mistake, and very anti-GNR. To capture the spirit of guns, they should choose young, hungry unknowns who really feel a connection to part.

Gnr was such a major part of my life for so long. Since picking up WATCH YOU BLEED on july 19 th 2010 to hitch-hiking to Hollywood when I was 19…I really lived the life. I stayed on sunset and highland. I played in bands around Hollywood. I visited all the GNR landmarks including walking to the walnut house (and smoked a joint in the hell house’s garden on fuller!.) My motto for a time was WWSD- what would slash do. I even developed a slash and duff persona when I went out.

I’ve probably mirrored the 1986 GNR more closely than anyone since the band members themselves. I mean I LIVED for it. I would love an audition and shot at this! Marc, I’m not sure how closely involve you are on this, I know we spoke briefly on the phone, but I really think you want someone who really GETS it and feels it. Maybe put together a real functioning band and have us live in Hollywood during filming.

Anyway, I’ve posted a few headshots I had below. My profile picture was taken in my Hollywood apartment, and that shirt in it is my special appetite shirt- ive been to canters more than a few times in it!


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Holy shit are you that billbaily9 guy or whatever? The one who was obsessed with age and puking?

Marc forwarded your head shots to the producers of Reckless Road (its Beta), she will take care of you. Your audition will consist of how much smack you can shoot up. Then, you will be playing "Steven Adler groupie #2, 'Mitch' "

I’ve probably mirrored the 1986 GNR more closely than anyone since the band members themselves. I mean I LIVED for it.

Oh man, I won't even try and come up with some witty remark

Bravo, 10/10 poster :rofl-lol:

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haha well yes, that era of my life was a bit....regrettable, to say the least. although, to be fair, it was a very special time for me and really changed me a lot. its definitely true that trying to copy GNR was such a mistake, and completely anti-GNR is anything. there were about not compromising and doing things their way because they wanted to- trying to be "like duff" was in effect being the opposite.

still, I cant think of any 5 people on the planet who have much experience acting like duff mcagan as I do. I wouldn't need to read the history or watch or listen anything to get into it, ive already tried tracking down a particular launderette near Melrose and gardener izzy mentioned in an interview. no one would be better for these roles than me. plus, im a musician and already know every song from ozi to UYI2.

i literally changed my life to try and be GNR for the past 4 years. thanks to slash book, I hitch-hiked across the country, had parties, girlfriends, and a whole new personality and confidence. no method acting or A-list experience is going to beat that. this IS my movie, man.

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