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Sid Vicious - 35 years

Len Cnut

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I'm not sure i can explain it either. The best i can...do or the furthest i can go in explaining by affection is that...he just seemed a silly little boy from my part of the world, i identify with him, with the way he speaks and sounds and his humour and...i see my own youth in the childish silliness of some of the stuff he did and said, like wally stuff y'know, stuff that embarasses you to remember, kinda like remembering the boy in class you used to lie like 'i lost my virginity when i was 10 years old to an Italian model who was 26 yrs old'.

He kinda...acted and behaved in a way that i expect me or some of my mates as a kid might've responded if you'd thrust us into the spotlight in that way, just ballsed it all right up. He saw the world in a really black and white childish way, he was just this wally who got everything wrong and often made a fool of himself and like...it's a difficult thing to explain but...OK, growing up you got this distinct feeling, being working class and from England that you were like, the bottom rung of the ladder as far as society goes, useless fuckers y'know? Teachers and all sorts just treat you like you're dirt and a certain other kind of person gets better treatment. Everyone on telly was just too cool for school, perfect, beautiful people, just so far removed from anything you could identify with or understand or something you felt....attached to. Those cool people from LA or NY or whatever, they just have nothing to do with anything I like...knew.

But The Pistols did, Sid did, Sid understood 4 channels of shit telly, Sid understood working a market stall, Sid understood standing in the freezing cold at bus-stops smoking dog ends with just the fare to get home, Sid understood egg and chips, Sid understood hanging around shitholes drinking Newcastle Brown and being bored out of his brains.

I guess it's like seeing your own cultural experience up there and represented...and then kinda made to look kinda weirdly cool at the same time. They even sound like me, like the way no one famous that was cool did, they just sounded like...local herberts :lol:

And Sid was the embodiment of that, just totally clueless but yet oddly defiant at the same time. I don't know, it's a difficult thing to explain but it's precious to me beyond belief. The fact that people like him and the other three existed kind of planted this seed of an idea where like...you just think maybe there is something more out there for people of your ilk. It's difficult to explain to people that grow up nowadays, everyone thinks they can change the world but like...growing up i got the distinct impression we were just waiting for school to end to get a job in a factory somewhere then hang onto it til we die.

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