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Axl: Master or Servant?


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We always hear how Axl doesn't bow down to the media. He does it his way. But all he every freaking does is talk about the media, or write about it, or sing about it. He can't have it both ways. He thinks he's telling us that he doesn't give care what anybody says, and that he's going to put out the music that he feels represents him/Guns, but come on.... He doesn't put out music at all because of the reaction he receives when he has.

Is Axl Rose the master, or the servant here?

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Axl Rose - A big mansion in Malibu with millions in his bank, heart broken and thinking about Erin everyday, trying to hate Slash and Stephanie. Releasing no music, so well you should call him more of a recluse than saying Master or Servant

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I think Axl is very much affected by what media writes about him. He clearly feels hurt and misunderstood (and I get that). I think he just refuses the media or the public to dictate his behavior. Axl seems fiercely independent but also very sensitive about people crossing his lines. And so he has a tendency to rebel against the media and the picture they have painted of him.

Master of servant: he tries to always be master of his own life, but is also naturally guided by his emotions. So, yeah, also a servant. Both really.

By the way, I think this doesn't only count for him handling the media. I think this is his general way: He shaped his career and his live only in the way he wants to within the given de circumstances, no concessions there.

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