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Moscow Show 2018

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hi everybody.

first of all, i'm brand new here, so, i'm not used to how this forum works exactly, so, first of all i wanted to apologize if i post something on a wrong section. I alreay wrote this message in the topic about the 2018 tour, but i'm not sure it was the right place to post to get my information, so, just in case, i start a brand new topic dedicated to my problem. i hope it's fine. sorry in advance if it's wrong. but PLEASE i really really really need your help, and you know, pre-sales are going fast, so... this is quite an emergency...

many many thanks in advance.

ok, here is my original message:

i soooooooooooo much need your help !!! here it is:
as a nightrain member, i have like all of you a nightrain pre-sale code to buy 4 tickets in advance for the tour. so, I did choose 4 shows: berlin ( done ), oslo ( done ), barcelona ( waiting for the beginning of the pre-sale next week. by the way, weird that this show is the only one unavailable yet ) and moscow. But for the guns n' roses moscow show, i have a huge problem, i don't speak moscow/russian language at all and i can't find an english version of the tickets website. nothing in english. all in russian, which is absolutely unpossible to understand.
please can you help me ??? how can i order my ticket for the show on the russian website ?? i tried both options available ( kassir and yandex ) is there any english version somewhere that i missed ? please let me know because those pre-sales with fan club codes are only available for a very short amount of time and i really really want to go to the moscow show . thank you so very much everybody

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