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Clutch - appreciation thread


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It's been a while since I logged in here. To be honest, I've lost a lot of interest in GNR over the years. When you look at a band like Clutch, they are showing how it's done. They do tour a lot, but they are releasing stellar albums to support the tour. On top of that, they are changing the setlist they play every night and literally every show I've seen of them is killer. They are probably the best kept secret of rock music. Just wanted to start this thread to give them some more exposure: they absolutely deserve it.

Just look at how awesome this concert is: 


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Listened to their top tracks on Apple Music. They sound a lot like Monster Magnet, one of my favorite bands, but in their more straightforward hard rock phase, which, even though I still really like, is not my favorite sound for them - like Powertrip, Go Says No, Monolithic Baby, Mastermind and their latest, Mindfucker. They even also have a cover of Evil, which sounds really similar to Clutch's.


Clutch is coming to Paris this week (what a coincidence!) and I might go now :lol:

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Monster Magnet is my favorite band of all time, in any form. I think the only albums I don't like are "4 way diablo" and "God says no". 

Go to Clutch. Trust me, you will not regret is. This is one of those bands you have to see live to understand their power. Albums or videos don't do them justice. I know they are roped in with a lot of stoner bands, but imo Clutch is just a heavy blues band. The opening band, Green Lung, is also pretty good, btw.

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