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the day the music died


the day the music died  

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the day the music died...when ever i hear of that i think of the song american pie....just my own thinking.....i thought of this at school today and was wondering which u think iof when u hear the day the music died....i voted for buddy holly, richie valens and the big bopper...id heard clapton had given up his seat to someone on that plane or was that a different crash

so very sry if i 4got some im 100% sure i left some important people out just vote other and reply with the name

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these peoples deaths, which do u think had the biggest effect on music

im sry i was extremely bored at school when i was reading through my hist textbook and it mentioned buddy holly richie valen (might have gotten the name wrong) and big bopper and how it was considered the day the music died

obviously music isnt dead i just mean which had the largest effect ...i tend to think of stuff like this when im bored

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The Death Days of Music:

The Day that there are a million of the same sounding nu-age punk-alternative bands like Sum41 n Simple plan came into play

The Day that ppl like Avril Lavign n Britney Spears n Justin Timberlake cover great rock classics

The Day that ppl worship the worst singer on the earth and gives him a record deal

The Day that ppl start using modified racist slurs that, took over a century to finally get rid of the hate, to talk 2 and call ur friend n ppl like its there name


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The music hasn't died, it just have been hiding behind the scenes for 10 years.

Exactly, "the music" just isn't as mainstream as it used to be. Trust me, it's still there.

I agree, good music will never die, basta

What can my goldfish learn?? :monkey:

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