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so who are u favorite top 5 frontmen ?


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1. Bono( I now think he's the all time greatest and in todays music world nobody comes close. he represents his band like no other frontman has ever done. I could go on but you get the point)

2. Axl Rose( Could've been the all time greatest)

3. David Usher(amazing live performer. Incredible)

4. Robert Smith( he is The Cure)

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well here we go...

1. Freddie Mercury-Queen (AMAZING theatrical performer and frontman/songwriter...out of this world amazingness)

2. Axl Rose-Guns N Roses (brought back the old hard rock while giving an incredible show)

3. Bono-U2 (the only person that can make u cry at a concert...like an angel frontman with an incredible voice)

4. Jim Morrison-The Doors (crazy unpredictable rebellious frontman)

5. Robert Plant-Led Zeppelin (amazing songwriter/frontman that can sing SOO well live)

others were Bon Scott, Robert Smith, Marilyn Manson (yes MM), Kiss (Paul Stanley) ext.,


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Is it just me or is Freddy Mercury the most respected frontman on this site besides Axl? It seems nearly everyone has him on thier list. He's a great frontman but I had no idea this many people ranked him in their top five. Interesting.

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