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sweet home alabama

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By who was Sweet Home Alabama originally written?

I thought it was lynard Skynard. But I just heard it was from Neil Young.

EDIT: Oh, just listened to the lynard skynard version. Neil young was first. well, atleast he gets metnioned in the lynard skynard version.

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No - Neil Young never did a version of Sweet Home Alabama. He sang a song called "Alabama" which said a lot of negative things about Alabama.

The lyrics in the Lynyrd Skynyrd song refer to Neil Young saying bad things about Alabama, and how he was wrong. Observe:

Lyrics To Sweet Home Alabama

Well, I heard Mister Young sing about her

Well, I heard ole Neil put her down.

Well, I hope Neil Young will remember

a southern man don't need him around anyhow.

Hope this clarifies things a little for you.

EDIT: Here's a link that compares the two songs in a little more detail - http://www.thrasherswheat.org/jammin/lynyrd.htm

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Neil Young was actually proud that Lynyrd Skynyrd put him in their song, and became friends with the band later on. Ronnie Van Zant actually wore a Neil Young t-shirt on Lynyrd Skynyrd's album, Street Survivors, and was supposedly buried in the same t-shirt.

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