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Guest Conga Fissure

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Guest Conga Fissure

KMFDM off WWIII album

(Yes, it does rock and has a fucking SOLO! Slightly more organic NIN.)



4.59 MB | .wma

I declare war on the world

War in outer space

I declare war in a nutshell

War all over the place

I declare war on every government

War against all odds

I declare war on your inner sanctum

On your blood thirsty gods

I declare war on the axis of morons

All out war on complacent consent

I declare war on the war against drugs

Rape and Slaughter of the innocent

War on big brother

Warmongers and profiteers

War on your dogma dubya

Armageddon's engineers

War in a heartbeat

I declare war on so-called civilization

World trade globalization

Organized desinformation

War on ambassadors of pretense

War on MTV and CNN

Macdonald's walt disney and bethlehem

On christina britney and eminem

I declare war on the world of anti-choice

On violent unilaterality

On the amassment of murderous high-tech toys

And all crimes against humanity

War on the moral majority

On corparate.com imperialism

On mindlessly bumbling stupidity

And police-state terrorism

World war three - be all that you can be

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Guest Conga Fissure

Bump....it may expire soon (I don't know about these type of things).

SUCH ATTRACTIVE SOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wub:

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Well. I'll be the first in this thread to say that I found that to be 4 minutes 58 seconds of the most painful shitheap of an excuse for music i've ever had to endure.

It was pathetic. Go clean your ears and listen to something decent. The guy can't sing to save himself.

EDIT: And all the George Bush overdubs just made it sound even more pathetic.

Edited by highvoltageacdc
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