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Silverchair's Diorama

Gallagher Rose

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In the beginning,Silverchair was a post grunge band,with heavy songs sounding like Nirvana and Pearl Jam,specially in the Frogstomp album.

Well,the things changed,Daniel got sick 2 times,almost died and the sound of the band had a big evolution.

Their last album released in 2003,is called Diorama.

Like Axl,Johns wanted the album to be perfect and full of orchestra,piano,good guitar works and emotional lyrics.

So,it's fuckin good..Across the Night,Too much of not enough,The Lever,After all these years,My Favourite thing..all great songs.

Maybe their best album,definitely a masterpiece.

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I'd prefer there more heavier stuff, but some of Diorama was allright. I was disappointed that i brought it on like the first day it came out, but then I got used to it.

Be interesting to see their next album............... I wonder if it comes out before CD

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Diorama is definitely my favorite Silverchair album. I fuckin' love it beyond any other Silverchair album ever. Across the Night has to be one of my favorite songs of all time, I find myself singing the chorus sometimes. The level of refined angst in that album is so good, and they're not just 2 chord songs like their previous albums were.

Mind you they have awesome songs in every album. Frogstomp is awesome too.

Freakshow, great

Neon Ballroom is probably my second favorite....

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