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Pink Floyd VS. Led Zeppelin VS. Rolling Stones

coolio GNR

who is better?  

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They are all brilliantly uncomparable. That is the thing about the best bands, they are on their own, so whoever you think is better is obviously down to personal preference. I do know one thing they all have in common, they all started to suck years down the line, for me, the stones more so than the others.

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Guest gnr>everything

i voted for the stones, but lately pink floyd has been making a surge to the top of my favorite bands list...gnr stones and floyd are all a close top 3

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Really great poll!

1. Rolling Stones

2. Pink Floyd

3. Led Zeppelin

I love the three though! After the Beatles, my three favourite bands! I need to get more on Led Zeppelin though

Wait, after the Beatles comes GNR, then the Stones, then Floyd, then Cure, then Zeppelin.

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First of all, I'm a huge fan of all three bands, and I think they're each very influential when it comes to music. But I have to vote for the Rolling Stones. They have released more classic songs and have had more success than Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

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zep. hands down...best improv outta the 3

floyd had the structured music down but that's not exactly my preference...both are excellent musicians.

rolling stones...i like em' i have most of their albums....but i realize that they are not as a whole...they're not as memorable...sure they made more classic pop songs then the other two...but i don't think that's a basis for my choice...

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This is a tough one. Both bands were huge in the 70's and then went on to transcend accross the generations and redefined the music industry and still remain popular today. I have to go with Zeppelin on this one though because they have done everything as far as mixing different music genres and did it better than anybody. I' could go with Floyd though for their sheer artistry in creating epic masterpieces. Fuck it ! I'm undecided. Null vote...

I forgot about the Stones !!! They're great but finish third to these two bands

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Led Zeppelin.

I'm glad the people of this board know what the right direction is.

To me Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin have the power that the Stones do not, while i barely ever hear any Stones tunes on the radio anymore, i heard 4 Led Zeppelin songs and 2 Pink Floyd Songs just on the way home from a football game.

Led Zeppelin had some pretty long songs too

Not even close in length compared to Pink Floyd ;)

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i choose led zeppelin. they haven't made a bad album. and jimmy page is one of my favourite guitarists.

floyd are a very close second but sometimes i find them hard to listen to.

i can't say i'm a big fan of the stones but i don't hate them and they have wrote some great songs and albums.

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