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Clapton vs Dave Gilmour

Chrisi Rokks

So, Who's better?  

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Wow, this is a really tough one.

Both are amazing guitarists, they are proberly the two best "less is better" guitarists ever.

Gilmour would spend hours writing his solos, making sure every single note did it's job and each note is there for a reason. His solos are amazing and are full of emotion.

Clapton invented blues-rock, he has some of the greatest riffs of all time, his improvising is excellent, and has a tone to die for.

So hard to choose, But i'm going with Dave, he's always been a personal favourite., and Floyd are my favourite band.

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Eric Clapton is awesome, but I fall asleep when I listen to Crossroads, Sunshine Of Your Love and Cocaine because of the solos. Not because they're boring, because they're pretty good, but they last quite a lot.

However, Gilmour makes them sound clean and I love his solos. Comfortably Numb is my favourite ever. So he wins.

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i think that dave gilmour is very good because he is very exact with his guitar playing. When he plays some songs of the Dark side of the moon, he plays them perfectly, no matter how hard are they... also his solos are great and he is very creative in his songwriting... another plus is that Pink Floyd is one of my favourite groups so i think Gilmour wins

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