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Underrated LA/Sleaze rock bands


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Little Ceaser - Had only 2 albums, a self-titled from 90 and Influence from 1992. Great bluesy/bar band.

The Four Horsemen - Again, only 2 albums "Nobody Said It Was Easy" and "Gettin Pretty Good At Barely Gettin By" they were that rare breed on melding Skynard and AC/DC (way before Nashville Pussy did it)

IMO, could've been the next GNR if not for grunge, personal problems within the band. Their frontman (Frank C Starr) was as charasmatic and as much as a bad ass as Axl was but unfortunatly died in 1997 after a motorcycle accident

T-Ride -- Only had one album from 1992 but was as technically and sonically perfect as they come (it should, it took 7 years to record). Imagine Freddie Mercury, Phil Lynott, Malmsteen and Tommy Lee getting together to jam.

All of these bands are long gone and their albums are out of print but well worth the trouble to find and worth the expense.

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