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Who could match up to Slash(guitar players)


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Inspired by Zeppelinrocksnexttognr's thread.

Who could match up to Slash energy wise on stage? I admit this is an unfair question, because many guitar players in the 60's, 70's had energy on stage, but could not run around because their guitars were not wireless. That being said, who has/had as much energy as Slash shows on stage? Pick a #1 choice and add some others too if you like. (Can be Lead guitar or Bass Guitar-no lead singers)

I'll go with Angus Young(I'm sure Peg will agree with me).


Eddie Van Halen

Pete Townshend

Jimmy Page

Cliff Burton

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Ritchie Blackmore for sure, he would throw his guitar up several metres into the air, catch it, swing it around, then throw it on the ground and kick the shit outta it, pick it up and play like nothing ever happened.

Angus of course, he's a just plain inhumane, how can someone have so much energy :lol:

Slash doesn't really have a reputation as a amazing live guitairist.

Oh and defantly can't forget Pete Townshend

All the Maiden guitarists are very active on stage, well they wernt to start off but by the end of the 80's they started to move around alot more. Dave and Janick were crazy at Donnington 93

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Agree with Pete Townshend - fucking awesome on-stage. Combine that with the bare-chested Daltry wailing on vocals, the ultra-cool/laid-back style of Entwistle on bass, Keith Moon just being a total animal behind the drums -- and you realise that The Who really did set that the benchmark of what a real rock n' roll band should look like.

I still think Slash is the coolest guitarist I've ever seen, though. Had such a great look - instantly recognisable, even from just a silhouette. :shades:

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having seen slash play i must say he is very good live. however i have been fortunate enough to see two even better live guitarists. joe perry and lindsey buckingham were both amazing live. Joe perry was all over the place and put on a better show than steven tyler!

surprised to see Lindsay Buckingham's name in there, does he jump around lots?

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