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New GNR logo?


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Axl hates Metallica :anger:

What happened between them anyway?

didn't they tour together

In short,

August 8th, 1992 - Tour resumes at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada. During Metallica's set James Hetfield is injured by a onstage pyrotechnic. His left arm is badly burnt and Metallica has to stop their show. During GN'R's set Axl stops the show and leaves the stage. Before he and the band return, a riot breaks out.

August 25th, 1992 - With Hetfield recovered the tour resumes at the International Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona. Seven shows had to be rescheduled as a result of Hetfield's injuries.

source: http://www.heretodaygonetohell.com/history/history92.php

So, Axl was backstage after leaving with a drink and a smoke, saying his throat hurt. Lars was pissed, Axl blamed it on monitors first. So, no show really happened, a riot ensued.

Here's an interesting vidi from this site, I think it's of Hetfield blowing up. And a link to an audio clip of Slash still playing after Civil War, then aimlessly playing Hendrix as Axl had left the stage, from what I gather.


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I don't think that the 2002 logo is so bad. I think it's pretty good actually. They've always talked about bringing guns to the 21th century musicwise - with that logo I think they did it graphicwise to.

But the logo Novarock uses are (I'm almost certain of it) a simple photoshop job by someone from the festival.

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Here it is:


Never realised how big Placebo were over there. AIC would be sweet tho.


I think that it's a bit weird that they put Placebo bigger than Tool for example. But it's absolutely a fantastic festival anyway - alot of great acts!

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it's a combination of both old and new GN'R.




Yup, looks like the old logo pasted over the new logo. That cannot be official.

The Metallica logo looks like a cut n'paste job too ;)

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yes, it's official (the metallica one)

It makes me wonder why the 'old' guns logo is connected to the new.

It makes me wonder about what Ross Halfin said

It makes me wonder about what Slash said "march"

It makes me wonder about the Bucket situation

I'm scaring myself for thinking what I'm thinking right now, but I'm sure I'm not the only one...

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