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Trevor Lukather a candidate for new gnr guitarist?


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one of the biggest german radio stations FFH said today that trevor lukather, son of toto singer steve lukather, is under discussion as new gnr guitarist. i don't know their source. maybe from steve himself who is on tour with toto in germany right now) in addition i don't know his skills, but he looks cool



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Guest RonMexico82


Don't you just love the German sense of humor.

Oh I forgot they don't have one...

Holy Shit this might be true!!!!

NNNNOOoooooOOOOoooOOOoo :scared:

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You're kidding, aren't you ?

well, i'm sorry but the radio host seemed to be very convincing.....FFH is not a shitty local radio station but i don't know if this rumor is true :question:

Well let's hope they're wrong

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