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The show is on again


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Yeah, I just noticed that too.

I hope we dont have to wait 30 mins again before GN'R hit the stage.

Also, I could kick myself for missing the repeat of Highway to Hell.

what do you m... it's IRS right now

Eh? It just started with WTTJ literally 13 seconds ago.

EDIT: Oh, I'm using the AOL UK sight. It probably has a big delay.

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I was watching the replay too and during the beginning of ycbm seemed like someone hit a few buttons and the sound instantly went from the bizarro mix to a pro sound. I watched it again hoping for a fixed replay, but at the end of Brownstone it slips back into the crap mix, must've been like that to start.

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Yeah that guitar was crazy. Not only did it have wings but the wings moved too. That is crazy!

Better was awesome!

Is it me or are there a shitload of solos on the concert. It seems like after every song someone gets to do a solo. I don't mind it but damn I want to hear some songs!

i know this is off topic did anybody record the whole video with sound? and im watching it again but i hope somebody record it so i can burn it to a cd :D

I saw where someone in another thread had recorded it but was just trying to figure out how to get the video to the computer. Hopefully he gets it working soon. I can't wait to burn this onto a DVD.

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