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GN'R Rock N' Roll Comics 43 complete download!


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Gunsguy's Forum Presents:

Rock N' Roll Comics 43:


Guns N' Roses '91 - Tales From The Tour!

Where were you when the riot broke out in St. Louis?

This issue puts you there, in a front row seat!

*I have had this since it came out, just thought you would want to read it, its actually kinda funny and somewhat true...

check it out, [rar file] book scans in order from front to back!

Please re-upload this to various upload sites and PM ME the link for credit that way I can add it to the first post with your name! This way everyone can get it!

Do with this whatever you want, just credit me when you do, like anything I upload

you may use my links anywhere! Share everywhere!







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This is already in the FAQ section, and has been posted multiple times in the main sections. It's cool that you want to share GNR info -- but please use the search button to make sure it hasn't already been posted. If it's more than 24 hours old, then chances are it's already been posted and discussed - such as the Del James story and the old People Magazine article you posted.


Thats funny though this is a comic from 15 years ago thats never been here, and the article has never been scanned either! reading text is one thing, people want to see it! Anyway thats cool I won't post anymore scans.... If you want people to use search have a search you can use, I mean you can't even search the search string "without you" even Del won't work.... <_<


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