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GNR to beat U2, Oasis, Jay-Z and Supernova?


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Bands to release "Best Of" Albums on same Day

Supergroups, Oasis and U2 are set for a good old-fashioned battle of the bands. Both groups are due to be

releasing greatest hits offerings on the same day next weekend.

Oasis will be releasing their eagerly awaited 'Stop the Clocks' album whilst U2 will be simultaneously

releasing their album, 'U218 Singles'. Oasis's Noel Gallagher has gone on record with an Irish magazine,

HOTPRESS, that the Mancunian musos will win the battle.

However, it is possible that both bands will miss out with several other big name artists rumoured to be

releasing new albums on the very same day including Guns n' Roses and Jay-Z although with Oasis

currently at number 36 in www.amazon.co.uk's pre-release chart U2 are already playing catch up.

Sources: http://music3w.com/news_frame.asp?id=3457


Interesting..seems the word is spreading quite abit about Nov 21st

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Nov. 21 for a GnR release has not been confirmed yet..

U2 Greatest Hits (again??)...meh,most people will put it on a Christmas list maybe.

Oasis Greatest Hits...won't be a threat in North America that's for sure.

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Radiohead beats both original GNR and Oasis put together why? look below


MILES better than Oasis...not even in the same stratosphere as GnR,classic or otherwise!

i think you could put them up there...certainly not in terms of sales...but as songwriters radiohead are better lyrically and if you were to compare Jonny Greenwood to Slash..it would be a close battle....have a look at the climax of this viddy


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Why this trend to:

- compare gnr to everything that's gonna come out?

- turn this into a competition?

- ask questions nobody can ever answer anyway?

Moody bastard ¬_¬

- Well if its on the same day, yeah. It'll be a battle in the charts and will obviously be a discusssion topic on who's doing better.

- Since when wasn't the music industry a competition?

- We'll be able to answer it if CD comes out on the 21st :huh:

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Oasis will sell loads in the UK as most knobhead fans will buy anything they release even though there all old songs that we have heard a million times, they used to be a cool band but there past it bigtime and Guns n Roses have no worries with those bunch of muppets.

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Dude, U2, like 'em or not, are a legendary band.

Oasis sucks.. They are terrible, aweful, crappy, and any other word that can be inserted for bad. Their first three albums are actually pretty good, but they turned up the suck to 11 on everything after. They were a band on my "I'll buy whatever they put out" list, even though their good stuff is just a Beatle's impersination, but they took themselves off of that list with their super high level of suckage.


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Novemeber 21st would be a disaster

I just found out that Chris Daughtry's album is also coming out.

No way CD will debut at number one in that case, and the sales will be majorly affected. First week sales anyway.

Please release it in December Axl!

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