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I beg to differ! :P

Yeah, Strat is a great guitar, probably just as good as a Les Paul but it is something with the combination

Lester+Marshall. Its just.. Amazing! :wub:

I agree, a Les Paul sounds great through Marshall.

Les Paul's can sound muddy through some amps, but through Marshall's they really sound at home.

But for me you just can't beat a Strat through a Marshall, Marshall's really warm up the tone of a Strat, and their tone just cuts through the mix like a knife and you never have a problem being heard hehe.

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That is an awesome deal. I've been watching for a silver jubilee, or even a slash signature JCM reissue for a couple years now. I'm jealous.

On our last CD, I recorded with an an american deluxe tele with the enforcer pickups. It was the nicest playing, best sounding guitar for rock I've ever played through my Marshall (JCM800) (my usual guitar is a gibson nighthawk limited edition), and was a great counterpoint soundwise to our other guitar players les paul, marshall TSL setup.

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