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Does Axl like the simpsons?


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When I went to see them I was right up near the front. When Axl was running down the steps onstage his trousers rode up his leg a little and exposed his socks (on his right leg I think it was) and Im sure he was wearing Simpsons socks. Has he ever discussed 'The Simpsons' and is he a fan?

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you are way too obsessed

he is. i mean were talking about axls socks. what next his boxers

do you think he wears boxers or spandex? :P


womens undies?

We have officialy taken an icky turn :rofl-lol:

Ok you asked for it..............leather studded thong with a tiger print :confused:

not good to imagine but i bet a few of the females would like to imagine it.

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