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Documentary: American Hardcore


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Just thought I'd enlighten everybody about the documentary about the american hardcore scene in the 80's. It's called "American Hardcore" and for me, who's always been a part of the hardcore/punk scene here in Sweden, this documentary was great and it was amazing to see the live clips of some of my favourite bands plus hearing the survivors talk about those days. Now for the part that is related to this forum which is that both Duff McKagan and Tommy Stinson are in this documentary where Duff talks about when he was in the punk band called The Fartz and Tommy talks about how he wanted to be more hardcore at the time of the Replacements but was a little too scared. Pretty cool!


IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0419434/

This documentary will be out on DVD in 2007.

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It played here last night,I wanted to go but was tied up with other things.

Sounds great!

The hardcore scene was the best thing going on in the 80's until GnR showed up.

You should most definitely go see it! And I agree that hardcore was the best thing in the 80's. Too bad emo kids and jocks killed it all. :P

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Cool fucking movie man...I really enjoyed it.

And I was smack dab in the entire scene as it happened,from beginning to end.

I've seen a shitload of those bands live back in the day.

I'll gab about it more in My World later...

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It was cool to see Duff AND Tommy in this movie...GnR was one of the few bands to instill their punk influences into everything about them and do so in a believeable way.

Can't imagine GnR without attitude.

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