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Didn't like it at first, but it grew on me tremendously. A GN'R classic, like all the new songs.

But I agree on the live part. None of the new songs work very well in that context. They're too complex and demanding for it to sound right.

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The only versions of the song that I have heard live that were subpar were because Axl is out of puff trying to get all the words out.

I love the song. And while the chorus may be cheezy (as if a song like 'Out Ta Get Me' is some sort of genius at work, but I digress) the verses are brilliantly written.

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I agree with the original post. Those lyrics "...gonna call the FBI, president, etc,." do sound like they were written by an eighth grader. Pretty awful.

That being said, the other songs- Blues, Maddy, CITR-- are great.

Agreed that IRS as a single would be a BOMB!

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I agree, the chorus is cheesy. But I think it's a nasty, vile slice of rock fusion - classic GN'R sound by way of Led Zeppelin and industrial rock. Axl's voice is just plain wicked - he really sounds diseased, in a good way. I like it, and the chorus is so simple and cheesy that it almost benefits from it - it's something nice and simple you can work out to, for example, without getting hung up on the lyrics. Just the music itself sounds nasty.

I agree with you there, just because the verse is somewhat "basic" doesn't detract from the song for me - sometimes "basic" just works so well, i think it works pretty well on "I.R.S."

I beleive the reason why the live version is generally favoured over the leak is because the live incarnation sounds raw, this doesn't come across in the leaks.

I've always liked I.R.S. and maintained that for it to be a truly kick ass track the vocals have to be pumped up and on steriods. At the moment the leaks' vocals don't match the energy of the music in my opinion.

"I.R.S." to me has more energy than "Better" it just needs hard and raw vocals to match the amazing sound.

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Haha, since you all know I'm a die-hard Axl fan and a so-so Slash/Duff fan . . . . just so you know I can be objective and don't just lap up anything Axl does . . .

I've always thought IRS was pretty catchy. And LOVE the scream at the end of the song. And he totally nails it in concert. But the thing that suprised me the most about it live, was in how CHEESY the lyrics really are.

All the new songs have really cool lyrics - Blues, Madagascar, CITR, Twat, Better. But IRS's main chorus is pretty cheesy. And unfort - in MY OPINION - it sounds really, really bad live. The guy behind me said "that's pretty f*cking weak" and after thinking about it, ya, he was right.

Gonna call the president

Gonna get myself a private eye

Gonna need the I.R.S.

Gonna get the F.B.I.

Well, I always post pro-Axl stuff on here. So I thought I'd throw something out that I didn't like.

I think releasing IRS as an opening single would be a HUGE mistake.

i think its axls how do you sleep at night by lennon or starfuckers buy nine inch nails ..i dig the song cause its axl making a threat he cant possible see through wich makes me laugh ,so did get in the ring a little scrawny 5 foot nothing axl saying hes gonna kick some ones bitchie ass , classic

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okay heres something i don't understand i went to inland invasion and loved irs and maddy and better. better sounded kick ass so did irs and maddy was almost magical i went to one of the concerts in universal city walk and didn't care for irs or maddy and can't tell you how much i thought about about those songs after inland invasion so i think it depends on what concert you went to

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ok..I love irs and I prefer the vocals in the live version (rock am ring)

as for the chorus lyrics...if you notice also in better,the verses has amzing lyrics and the chorus is:

'now I know you know better youre sister's boyfriend cousine know you better' it's basic but it sums up

the meaning of the song... essencialy... axl write the verses with great depth and the chorus lyrics

are written as one might write a more 'popish' lyrics to a chorus...(I have no problem with it)

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Let's face facts here - all the new songs have very repetitve lyrics. They're all about love and broken relationships and what-not, with the originality of the old bands lyrics having been lost. That's what the lyrics are like now that Axl is without Izzy Stradlin to do the writing with him.

As for musicality, 'IRS' is my second-favourite new GNR song, and aside from the lack of that amazing scream in the demo, it definetely sounds better live - much more rock n' roll.

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