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Slash Painting for sale

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Alrite, I'm sure many of you have seen my room and know I have alot of stuff. Quite frankly, I have too much stuff and am running out of room and have new stuff to put up, so I am offering one of my items which I like very much but sadly, it's been replaced. It is a painting of slash that was done by an artist in Chicago. I can't read his name off the painting. it seems o be jack zhany or zhary, I can't really make it out though. Anyhow, it is a very nice peice and in the frame it measures about 16x20 and I am willing to sell it for 60(or best offer). This is with the frame included.


pm me or make me an offer right on this thread, either way worls for me.

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It's a pretty cool painting, but it does take up a lot of room ! Would look great in a hallway or something

it really doesnt, its only 16x20. It's just taking up room in my room because mine is completely full haha. I don't have any more room on my walls.

Yeah well i meant with the frame and stuff

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What sort of payment do you accept?

..and how much to be sent internationally?

(to the UK)


EDIT: If you even still have it and want to part with it :drevil: Just realised this thread is getting on a bit lol!

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