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capture video from webcam


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well when you buy a webcam it should come with software to do that. mine did. if not google the make of your webcam for an installer

i.e. if its a labtec google Labtec webcam driver.

should work

thats just the thing.. I've hacked my ps2- Eyetoy :tongue2: (which i recommend you all do as its a really top notch quality cam!)

so yeah.. any other suggestions anyone?

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Question: How do I view my cameras video output, or record video or take a still photo.

Answer: Once the web camera is installed, you can use the software that is included in the driver folder, to view your webcam output, It is called vidcap32.exe and is supplied by Microsoft for free.This is a camera

recording program. When you run it you will see a still picture from your webcam of the first thing the webcam saw when you started the program vidcap32.exe. If you then click the options tab and then tick preview you will then get a continuous live feed from the camera.You can then go to the capture tab and chose single frame, frames or video as your choice and it will record the one you chose. Play around with the settings under the edit and options tabs to set you camera up to your personal preferences, and also under the video options chose how long a video recording should be. Don't forget to go to the file tab and chose "save captured video as" option and then give your video or selection of frames a file name, the file will be given an automatic file extension choice of .avi, if you want to save your single frame instead then under the file tab chose the drop down choice of "save single frame" the picture will be given the file extension of .dib by the program but you can use .bmp or .jpg as the file extension instead if you wish and it will save the frame in the correct format for you (it is a neat little program). Don't forget to chose what folder you are saving to when you save, so that you know where your video and pictures have been saved to. Also note the camera records sound while it records video if you so wish.

should make sense to you if not i'll hunt around some more

if you dont have vidcap heres a link to where you can download it


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Quicktime Pro has the ability to record from your webcam, though I'd have a dig about to check if it'll work with the eyetoy - don't see why not.

Pro costs about 20 quid... unless you're good with Google ;)

I have a built in webcam - isight - though I've been trying to find a Mac driver for the eyetoy for some time just so I can fart about with it.

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got pro now

magic :ph34r:

How do I capture video now? :unsure:

(Should be the same, but bear in mind I'm on a mac here...)

You should be able to just click on FILE and then NEW MOVIE RECORDING in Quicktime to start your recording.

Let me know if it doesn't automatically recognise the webcam's installed and I'll advise you further if it doesn't... as best I can...

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no, for some reason i cant see it :tongue2:

On the mac you go into Preferences (may be options in windows) and click on the recording Icon. From there you should be able to see if you're able to choose it as your default webcam/ video source, like so:


If that's not working you may have to find a driver that Quicktime will recognise.

Other than that... I'm not sure - maybe some Windows Wizard can help out here?...

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