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Is There A Software To Remove Vocals From A Song?

Tyler Drama

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I know of one: Goldwave (search for it in Google)

Ive used it and it isn't bad. It really depends on the song and how it was recorded though. In Goldwave it is simple to remove lyrics, it is actually an option on the menu that you just click.

Just please don't come back here in 5 minutes saying you have an instrumental version of some GNR songs. It is obvious lyrics have been removed, it fades them out to almost zero but you can still hear Axl *just*. Thats on the Maddy leak anyway.

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Any software can do this to a point, most will limit vocals and in fact drop most of the guitar out, good for kareoke not so good if you want to do something else with it, audacity can do it, all you do is load the song and split left from right channels, then invert the left chanel, that is all any program does with vocals, sometimes it works other times not so good, it is hit and miss...

If yu have a song and want me to try it in my programs, gimmie link and I will see what I can do for you...


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