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Cop Killer - Body Count


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I've just heard this song for the first time.

I fucking love it! I think I'll buy the Body Count album, although Ive heard that Cop Killer was taken off it, because of the controversy caused by it.

Anybody know if this band is worth looking into? Or any thoughts on Cop Killer?

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Body Count rules (Y) You should definetly get the debut (even without Copkiller the album still has lots of great tunes).All the other albums have some good songs aswell .With those I think its better if you downloaded them first and then decided if you want to buy them.

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I have Body Count's debut on cassette. I saw them open for Metallica/Guns N Roses in Kansas City in 1992. I knew who Ice-T was, but didn't know anything about the band except for the "Cop Killer" controversy. They put on a great show.

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Highly reccomended. Just a great album, with a lot of the anger coming from the LA Riots of '92 and the Rodney King case. As far as the music, I think it's phenomenal, and some of Ice-T's best ryhmes are with Bodycount!

KKK Bitch is a classic aswell!


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I've listen to all of their albums but nothing beats their debut. I got the one without 'Cop Killer', never cared much for that song anyways. 'Freedom of Speech' was a good replacement. Most songs kick ass, check it out.

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