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3rd Wheel

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Dear, mygnrforum.com

Ok, for a very long time I have bashed ACDC on this forum. I've said anything from "They're one of the two most overrated bands in the history of rock" to "they suck".

The following only pertains to the Brian Johnson era...I have not ventured into Bon Scott material, although I do think he has an amazing voice with amazing range....

Whenever I first got into classic rock, they were my favorite band. The "sex, alcohol, and rocknroll" theme of theirs appealed to me. I would listen everyday. Then I got into GNR. First, AFD and I still really enjoyed ACDC because of the hard rock theme it had. Then I heard the softer stuff from GNR and that's when I realized that ACDC wasn't all that great. Does ACDC have a "Patience"? How about "November Rain"? "Estranged"? "Civil War"? "Yesterdays"?

Bottom line, I always thought that ACDCwas overrated. Overrated because every song seemed, and I'll take a phrase from the most overrated band in music history, every song seemed like "the same ole song and dance". They never ventured away from their hard rock mentality...never ventured away from the same theme of sex, drugs/alcohol, and rocknroll. Almost every song had some heavy guitar intro, then some shitty lyrics, then a chorus with the title in it, then some more shitty lyrics, then the chorus again...then a guitar solo...and then the finish. Hell, that's what I remember.

I mean there really isn't a whole lot of diversity in their music. No creativity beyond the one style of music they play with the same exact make-up and layout of the song. Absolutely no diversity.

But then I realized that they really do enjoy playing that same style, that same layout...they have fun. That's good...but I think it would be nice every now and then to break off from your confort zone and give the fans something different. I think that's one of the reasons why GNR was so great...diversity...originality...uniqueness....creatvity...

Well, I thought I had officially classified ACDC as "overrated but they do what they like doing and never change so they aren't as overrated as before."

I had forgotten one part of the equation...

I was driving to my dad's house today to talk about work and to just see him since I had just gotten home from college. The radio announced they were going to play an ACDC song..."Have a Drink on Me." I decided not to change because I needed my ACDC monthly listen...I can't really listen to them more than once every few weeks...I'll get bored. If I listen to a whole album I will get lost and at the end just think that the entire album was one big song. It doesn't work for me. I get pissed.

Anyways, I was driving and I decided to listen. That guitar riff kicked in at the start...I was tired from work. I decided to turn it up. That's when I remembered....they had something else that NO OTHER BAND has (at least not to this great of an extent)...that "FUCK YOU WORLD" mentality. I forgot about it. It really is a rush...greater than any band can give you.

Yeah they have shitty lyrics and yeah every song sounds the same...but when your pissed off and just want to tell the world to go fuck themselves, ACDC is the band for you...it don't matter how many songs you play...give me a 60 minute song...I need it.

And theyre not like Aerosmith or Def Leppard or Poison or Motley Crue or Skid Row or The Scorpions or any other shitty band that had shitty lyrics along with shitty music.....they have shitty lyrics but they have the "FUCK YOU"....they have that one edge over all other shitty, overrated bands.

ACDC officially goes into the "They're all right" category....they're average for the most part, but when I need them there's no possible substitution. They're better than Aerosmith, Poison, Def Leppard, Skid Row, etc....that's for sure.

So ladies and gentlemen...boys and girls....this may of seemed like a pointless, rant....Lithium may even post how I'm an "attention whore/trying to raise my post count"....but I wanted to post this...


3rd Wheel

P.S. - Have a Drink on Me everybody...

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

Great band. After gnr it's my favoriteband. The Jack, and Jailbreak has been played alot the last week! rock3

EDIT! 1900 post! :ph34r:

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Great band. After gnr it's my favoriteband. The Jack, and Jailbreak has been played alot the last week! rock3

EDIT! 1900 post! :ph34r:

Actually.. it`s 1901.... :P

On topic, AC/DC for me is rock&roll whit a fealing of bluse... just the way it should be.

And they keep it like that on every album, and that is imo great.

Just love the band.. A GNR and AC/DC one night gig would be the jack for me rock1 rock3rock4

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Bottom line, I always thought that ACDC was overrated.

Sorry , you feel that way , as for not getting into the Bon Scott era , that is an important part of the history of this group , you are missing the best part IMO.

Yeah they have shitty lyrics and yeah every song sounds the same.
Shitty lyrics? Says you? The song police? Please don't say like it's a fact , when all it is , is your opinion. Have you ever heard "Love Song"? It's an early Bon Scott song , that is very different , than most of their stuff. You put down a group , you know little about.
ACDC officially goes into the "They're all right" category

That's great , now Angus Young and the rest of the band can sleep much better , knowing that!

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are you actually placing Aerosmith along with Skid Row, Def Leppard, Poison and Motley Crue ?????

shame on you! :angry:

Are you placing Motley Crue along with Def Leppard and Poison??? :anger:

I think AC/DC was great during the 70's, then BIB and Flick Of The Switch were good. But everything else was shit until Stiff Upper Lip. It only took so long for the E-A-D chord progression to get boring.

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789

I have more respect for AC/DC than any other band next to The Rolling Stones. Most bands tend to sound the same from album to album, at least AC/DC have kept writing good songs and hitting the road. Rarely has an album possessed as many stellar tracks as Back In Black or Highway to Hell, they are talented writers and musicians and classy guys.

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