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Gunsnroses.com update! Pure decadence Down Under


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Guest Matt13
Is it just me... or is it just completely laughable that 'Bubbles' from TPB's is even in the same building as GNR, much less on the fucking stage?

Who's going to be making cameo's next? Pee Wee Herman?

you dont appreciate good humour

jump in a well and drown :fuckyou:

Humor has NOTHING to do with a rock n' roll band.

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I've never said they're trying to be fake, if that's what you mean. I can't tell if that was a general statement, or a dig at me.

I'm just saying they got a shitty deal in terms of people assuming they're gonna be like the original members.

That's not how it came across.

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"Guns N' Roses Shock Themselves By Releasing An Album".

Conky's dead, they blew his head off.

actually no. you havent seen season 7 yet

I was talking about the episode that was posted on this thread, anyway that jokes getting petty lame as conky is a dummy.

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