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My cover of "Pretty Tied Up" / New Original Music Posted!

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My name’s Jeff, longtime fan, I’m 23 and from Southern CA. I started renting a small rehearsal/recording studio a few months ago and this GN’R cover was my first “project”. I record cover songs to dial in sounds/test my equipment before I record original music.

This is not intended to be anything other than a tribute/something for GN’R fans to hopefully enjoy. I sincerely hope this sort of thing doesn’t offend anybody in the band. I chose a song that I’ve never heard another band try to play. At first I was going to attempt “Locomotive” but after recording a 9 minute Tool song last year I decided that sticking with something under 5 minutes in length would probably be a better idea.

I tried to stay faithful to the studio arrangement but at the same time I added some elements of the live version as well – sped it up just a tad, kept the tracks really loud and raw sounding, etc.

Only a couple of disclaimers – first of all, like all the other covers posted on my website, this was recorded on an old digital 8 track and was mixed live (without computers or pre-setting anything). Including mixing I spent maybe a combined 20 hours on everything. For what it is I’m happy with how it turned out, just don’t expect “Use Your Illusion” caliber sound quality.

My only other disclaimer kind of goes without saying – there is only one Axl Rose. I did the best I could with the time I had.

Drums, bass and rhythm guitar tracks are one take and the guitar solos (particularly the end one) were by far the most fun I’ve ever had recording anything!

Now that its all been said and done for a month or so, I’d say there are a couple of small things I’d fix, but I decided it’s good enough and probably a bad idea to spend forever perfecting it.

Dedicated to Axl, Izzy, Duff, Slash, Matt, Dizzy and Steven for inspiring me to become a musician….and also to Ron, Frank, Robin, Richard, Tommy and Pit(t)man for keeping the band alive and doing such an awesome job!

Click the link below, it should start playing automatically. If it doesn’t start playing, it’s the top song in the player, just click the title. Hint – it sounds best LOUD!




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Thanks everybody...I really appreciate the feedback. Makes all the time and effort worthwhile :xmasssanta:

I'll post a download-able version sooner or later if anyone's interested.

whats an 8-track?

where can i get those?

and howmuch would it cost

You can get those at Guitar Center, depending on the quality, for as low as a couple hundred bucks. The one I used is called a Roland VS-840, its almost 10 years old, if you look them up on E-Bay I bet they go for under a hundred but I could be wrong.

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Thanks everybody...I put more time into this than anything I've recorded in my life (8 tracks for a UYI II track was quite a challenge!) and reading everyone's posts makes it all worth it. I'm kinda bummed that I can't post this where more people will see it (I posted my Tool cover on one Tool board and it got 4,000 hits, and this on 3 GN'R boards and it hasn't broken 2,000 yet). I'm glad the people who have heard it seem to enjoy it for what it is. Cheers!

I wanna hear some other GNR covers!!

It would be so cool if you try COMA

hahaha...after doing a 9 minute Tool cover I decided no more "epic length" tracks so long as I'm only using 8 tracks. I actually did the drum track for "Locomotive" and then bailed on finishing it when I realized I wouldn't have enough memory in my recorder, so I went with "Pretty Tied Up" instead and I'm kinda glad I did. Maybe someday though!

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