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Van Halen VS David Lee Roth

Calm Like A Bomb

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I am a huge fan of Van Halen and i think they are better than Guns N' Roses but when David Lee Roth went "solo" and Van Halen recruited Sammy Hagar who did you prefer? I would go with Roth simpy because he carried his style and voice straight into his band plus with Steve Vai on guitar and Gregg Bissonette on drums it was never going to fail. Sammy was great for Van Halen but took away their hard rock image and although Roth also went very commercial it was a new band so that's the way he wanted to go. Roth ruined the super group he had though by being too egotistical but hey that was always the way Diamond Dave rolled and i certainly loved him for it.

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Van Halen(Sammy era) easily over Dave's solo career. Dave's solo experiment started off great w/Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan in the band. The 1st 2 albums are pretty good. But then Sheehan left, then Vai was gone and Dave was left with no-name musicians. He never recovered.

Meanwhile, Van Halen did nothing but kick ass when Sammy joined. I never liked the keyboard songs and still don't. But most of it rocked.

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I always thought Van Halen with Sam was a much better band than the David Lee Roth solo stuff...

Dave started strong with a really kick ass band that had Vai, Sheean and Bissonette. But as soon as they were gone (after 2 albums) the rest of his stuff is utter garbage...

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