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Forsaken's Guitar Covers!!!

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Hey, Sweet Child was awesome! the Double Talkin Jive solo is amazing :P You're a great player and very fluent :)

The only thing i didn't like so much about both songs was your sound on the heavy riff parts. Your sound is AMAZING for solo's but i felt on the powerchord riff before the Sweet Child solo and the main riff to Double Talkin Jive sounded a bit noisy. :) Apart from that, you did an amazing job on both! I'd look forward to hearing more recordings in the future.

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Thanks for the comments guys
Truly magnificient playing, Forsaken. I'm a guitarplayer myself but I mostly do rhythm. Can I be Izzy plz?

You mean, you play the rhythm and then I play lead over it?

Yeah, that's what I meant. I'm getting a new mic soon so I could record something.

I'm too crappy to be lead but I can do the rhythm alright. :xmasssanta:

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Forsaken, I just need to ask, do you do anything special to sound so fucking much like Slash?

I know you hate me, but god damn you impress me nonetheless.

Lol I don't hate you, just some of your posts are irritating, that's all. Let's just put it this way, Slash was one of my inspirations to start playing guitar, I loved the way he played and in the beginning I played nothing but GN'R songs. About the Slash sound, two words, pentatonic scales. That and practice, i've been playing a pretty good while so it helps to practice as much as possible. And my tone, I use an effects processor to have Slash's sound.

Demon Wolf: Let me know when you get a mic and maybe we can work something out.

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