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Maybe it's Cocaine by Buck Cherry? :D

Good song!

yep your right its from Buck Cherry! They must of changed the file name :(

He sounds like Chris Robinson a lot.


buckcherry doesnt have a song called cocaine unless your thinking of lit up or a song not on an album

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"I love the cocaine / I love the coh-cayne"

What a rubbish song. This self-conscious retro sleaze-rock throwback shit is awful. When bands like GN'R sang about drugs they weren't bragging about it and being blatantly obvious - songs like Mr. Brownstone were hardly subtle but they were cautionary tales more so than immature drug-love. One of GN'R's worst songs is Anything Goes and it's exactly because it's self-conscious sleaze rock with no substance behind it. Buckcherry, and bands like them, basically make a career out of writing songs glorifying this - apparently they missed the point of Appetite (Anything Goes aside).

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