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  1. 09/20/16 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center

    With the way he sounded from 2011-2014 I can certainly understand why many were skeptical and didn't think we would ever hear the 2010 Axl again. Many negative things have been said about Axl over the years from criticizing his work ethic(lazy), to his voice being terrible, to him deliberately holding back and not giving 100% and It sure Is nice to see that everyone of those negative comments has been proven wrong. I agree with you totally about the Philadelphia show/videos being the best Axl since 2010 and I also hope he will be just as sharp when he returns with Guns but I honestly expect the same Axl we got for the stadium shows, which Is very good, just not AC DC good.
  2. 09/20/16 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center

    No doubt about It. Vintage Axl In this video and one of the top performances of any song he has done In 2016.
  3. You have done one hell of a fine job, thank you for doing everything you have done.
  4. I would take any one of those years over 2006. I would also say that he had nights In 2010 where his voice was every bit as good as the 80's and 90's. Some nights maybe even better.
  5. What Incentive would the band have to release new material? It Is all about the money and there certainly Isn't any of that In a new album. So touring and cashing out as you put It Is where it's at.
  6. LOL, the band Is dead and have no future. I think that may be wishful thinking on your part. I also believe that Axl was the main contributor In terms of song writing although Izzy played a vital role. But as history has shown, the band will continue to tour successfully with or without Izzy.
  7. I also would not be surprised If we were to find out that Slash and Duff are nothing more than employees as was the case with the previous lineup.
  8. I guess Axl should have passed on the question then. If he would have he most likely wouldn't have gotten a response
  9. His motivation Is money and there Is not a thing wrong with that. When we show up for work we expect to be paid. The whole tour Is money motivated and all parties Involved are doing It strictly for the money. It certainly wasn't for the fans at $275.00 per ticket for a stadium seat.
  10. He responded to a question answered about him In an Interview. Axl could have requested that the Interviewer not ask questions pertaining to Izzy as he has requested certain questions not be asked In the past, but he chose not to do so. We now have a response from Izzy. He has nothing to be embarrassed about.
  11. This I agree with 100%.
  12. What partnership? How do we know Slash and Duff aren't being paid as the previous members were, as employees? What details do you have on the partnership? Maybe there was an article detailing the specifics and I missed It.
  13. I agree, It Is Irrelevant that Izzy quit. Slash and Duff also quit. As much as I would like to see Izzy back In the band I actually respect him more for taking a stand as opposed to accepting whatever was thrown at him.