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  1. They will most likely be doing arenas regardless of whether a new album Is released.
  2. Yes, they were exceptional shows. I actually thought he sounded better with them then his own band. According to the China Exchange Interview performing with Axl was very uplifting and motivating for Angus as well so I wouldn't be surprised to see an AC/DC album before a Guns record. I just hope we get something either way.
  3. As enthusiastic as Axl seems to be with AC/DC and Angus In particular I think It may just play out the way you want It to.
  4. It could also end up that the AC/DC album happens and we don't get a Guns album. It will be Interesting to see where It goes.
  5. I agree, Garden Of Eden Is a good tune.
  6. I like Shotgun Blues and Anything Goes which seems to be most peoples least favorite songs.
  7. Love Izzy, but that song from the first 20 seconds I could stand to listen to, was terrible.
  8. Absolutely. Just checked on Ticketmaster and there are a lot of seats left for Metallica for most of there shows, along with cheaper ticket prices, as you stated. Didn't they just recently release a new album? If so, that should help ticket sells for them.
  9. Actually that would not be a surprise. They could probably continue selling this tour for another 2-3 years, possibly longer.
  10. I would guess that there Is probably a 50/50 chance of seeing a new album and that may be being a bit optimistic. The time to capitalize on a new album and give It the best chance of success would be while they are on tour playing to 40-50,000 per night. Unfortunately, we all know how this band operates. Axl said It on more than one occassion " I don't know If soon Is the word" I wouldn't hold your breath or stay up waiting. The band hasn't been this big since 1992. It's now or never, Imo.
  11. It was beyond exciting. I think the majority of us that were 15-16 years old than and considered old fucks now would agree that there Is no comparison between the band than and now. Although I am grateful that they have reunited and younger people such as yourself are getting the opportunity to see them, but at one time Guns N Roses were so big that It would have to be almost Impossible for people that weren't around to comprehend. I recall having a teacher In school that was Into the band and he asked me to bring In my UYI VHS tapes to watch after school. Before reality shows became the normal TV viewing experience MTV actually played music videos(as I am sure that you are aware) and you wouldn't go more then a few hours without hearing Estranged, November Rain, Don't Cry, You Could Be Mine, Dead Horse or Garden Of Eden.
  12. No doubt about It. Regardless, and as stated by another member In this thread, what Is wrong with these guys making money? We can label It whatever we want but the fact of the matter Is, this Is there profession and what they do for a living. Would It be considered a cash grab for those of us who work 7-3:30 Monday through Friday?
  13. If the tour was strictly a "cash grab" I'm sure they would have reunited long ago. As stated above, It Is most likely partially about the money and there are probably other reasons such as maybe actually wanting to be In one another's company, along with seeing the world and playing for the fans. Axl has always been a guy that did what he wanted regardless of the repercussions. I can't see him being willing to reunite strictly for the money.
  14. Seen both tours and both were excellent, but seeing Axl In his prime on the UYI Tour can not be topped. It was pretty amazing seeing him run across the stage and even more amazing how quick he could get from one side to the other wile singing and still sounding good.
  15. I am not sure what Is cheesy about It, other than the smell most likely coming from him. The guy Is dripping with sweat halfway through It"s so easy(It's so cheesy). I don't blame him for changing. The 1992 Axl could get away with wearing whatever he wanted or wearing nothing at all. But yeah, looking back, 1991-1992 was pretty Interesting concerning Axl's dress code.