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  1. That's great and It most likely makes It an enjoyable song for you to listen to. For me personally, the rasp In the second part of the song In particular, Is crucial and I have not heard It on the second part since 1993.
  2. Wow, cutoff the best part of the song even though there hasn't really been a good second half since 1993. I keep watching and hoping that It will happen but It never does.
  3. No doubt about It, the complainers would than request other songs be added due to the setlist being stale.
  4. Nice Boys sounded terrible (by both Axl and Anderson) but It was cool to see them throw It In the set.
  5. I don't think filling Dodgers stadium would be an Issue at all In my opinion, although I don't think the sign pertains to a show taking place there anyway. I believe they will end up playing a small Intimate venue.
  6. They sound great In that video.
  7. It would still sound better than Chinese Democracy.
  8. The crowd looks as dead as the NA crowds. Argentina and Brazil need to pat themselves on the back for showing the rest of the world what a Rock N Roll crowd should look like.
  9. Have to go with Piitsburgh If we are discussing the North American part of the tour. The crowd was energized and was very loud throughout the show. Which comes as a complete surprise considering It was supposed to be one of the worst selling shows of 2016.
  10. Lol,this Is now on track for post of the year.
  11. The night Axl blew Mick off the stage. Great video, thanks for posting.
  12. That may be the case for some yet 40-50,000 people are willing to pay the price.
  13. No problem, I was wrong. I was actually around and attended the UYI tour and should have known better.
  14. Here are the facts. Without double checking, the following songs have been added or have been In rotation since the beginning of the tour, not Including covers.(Sure I will miss a few) 1. Catcher In The Rye 2. Sorry 3. There Was A Time 4. Out Ta Get Me 5. My Michelle 6. Used To Love Her 7. Coma What part of the UYI Tour had more setlist changes?