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  1. Does anyone else want Dj ASHBA back?

    Hell NO.
  2. No luck on tickets here. Have a best offer In on ebay.
  3. Waiting room status OPEN Store Status OPEN Yet the blue bar keeps going with no option to get tickets. Been trying for an hour and a half at this point.
  4. This Is the happiest I have been when It comes to being a Guns fan since seeing them live In 1992 at Three Rivers Stadium. One more tour with the original members and I can die happy. I know It Is very very unlikely, but I guess It's ok to have hope.
  5. Best performance of Estranged '11-'14?

    From 11-14, Philadelphia Is pretty good. 2010 would have definately been the year for Estranged to make It's way back Into the setlist. Axl's voice was probably as good as It was In his prime, maybe better. I think this Is the best version Of Estranged that I have ever heard and this Is after spending more hours then I can recall trying to find the best version. #1 #2
  6. It Is the best song from any band, ever, IMO.
  7. This is just fucking amazing

    I have to agree, amazing performance and In my opinion better than the album version.
  8. GNR North American Sales Figures - Steep drop in 2012

    Another great post and spot on Groghan.
  9. new material

    Good points Groghan, but I'm really not sure that the next album(If there Is a next album) will move 3 million copies. Seeing the band twice last year In Wilkes Barre Pa and Youngstown Oh was a shock, the band played very small arenas and still had plenty of empty seats. The shows were excellent with Youngstown being the better of the two but unless the next album has a few monster hit singles I can't see It selling more then 2 million copies.
  10. $20 Million Guitar Hero Lawsuit Headed to Court

    All valid points.
  11. Great comercial success for Guns n Roses in Sin City

    Did Groghan claim that they sold out EVERY show? Which bands ticket prices were higher In 2011? Which band sold more tickets? Which band had the higher average gross?
  12. So you know better then a guy that has known and been friends with the band since the early 80's?
  13. Guns N' Roses in Tokyo Dec 18

    except when It comes to there setlist.
  14. Give It up already. Your not going to change anyone's mind by repeating yourself.