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  1. Your link doesn't mean a thing.It says that Izzy would consider a reunion and I am sure It would entail many behind the scenes business matters that would need to be Ironed out before It would become possible, yet you are acting as If It Is a done deal and It's obviously not considering Izzy has yet to step on stage with the band. The Interview also mentions Izzy possibly touring Argentina.
  2. You are correct, It goes both ways. Your post was very well put.
  3. It's Ironic that you say that because I was just thinking about some of the younger people that I met at the L.A. concert, particularly a couple In there early 20's that flew over from France and who we ended up walking over to the stadium with. These fans were not even thought about when the band was In It's prime. That says an awful lot about the band and there music considering they were extremely unproductive and not a house hold name while these kids were growing up. When I was In school It was nothing but Guns N Roses and Metallica. These kids had to discover the band for themselves or learn about them through there parents.
  4. There Is no doubt that Axl needed Slash. They certainly wouldn't be playing stadiums right now without him.
  5. I haven't seen anything that Indicates that Izzy wants back In full time. Feel free to post the Information that made you come to that conclusion. Maybe I over looked something.
  6. They could want him back all they want but at the end of the day It would be up to Izzy. As far as we know he may not be Interested In a full tour and only Interested In making guest appearances every once In a while.
  7. I was the same way at the two shows I attended. It was very alarming to me how many people didn't even seem to know Coma.
  8. Nice video, the San Diego crowd sounded good and seemed loud.
  9. Well that was either a very good stream or that was one of the better performances of Paradise City up to this point.
  10. I really like Gillby but this Is rather comical. Let It go Gilby, It's over. The world Is not waiting for your return.
  11. 30 shows In or whatever It Is at this point and as you said It still feels unbelievable seeing them on stage together.
  12. Patience has been much more enjoyable to listen to live since the Phoenix show. It Is great to hear Axl sing the final part of the song like he used to.
  13. The vocals on the end of There Was A Time sound phenomenal. WOW.