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  1. Most fans were going to hate the lead guitarist brought in to replace Slash regardless. People hated Robin as well. I'm sure people hate Slash as well since he's the next replacement to come in for Slash. Wait, what?
  2. Leftover Tickets for Vegas

    you paid $1000 for a concert ticket???
  3. Does anyone else want Dj ASHBA back?

    he's the last member of the new era that I would want back
  4. I love Axl, but there's really no friggin reason for him to wait hours after the openers and go on stage at midnight or later. It's inconsiderate, especially if the show is on a weekday. I've seen many bands play live (NIN, Marilyn Manson, Motley Crue, Trooper, Nazareth, Crash Test Dummies, and so forth...) and only Manson made us wait for a while after the opening band (and it wasn't his fault). They all played 2 hour set lists and were done by 11pm at the latest. It's my biggest pet peeve about going to a GN'R show.
  5. Axl's whole going on late shtick is a joke
  6. I dont care what he looks like, as long as he sounds good
  7. Reunion Documentary...?

    get on that shit Netflix! Making a Reunion
  8. With a reunited NWA as openers
  9. Why is it "time to talk"? They really have no obligation to tell us why they aren't part of this line-up if they don't want to
  10. Yes, I know he has his band, but really, how popular is it? Aside from die-hard GN'R fans, no one knows who Adler's Appetite is.
  11. Maybe Sorum, much like Izzy (possibly), just didn't want to be involved full-time (if at all) for some reason?
  12. Axl loves Taco Bell? Geez, no one he's fat worst food out there
  13. Axl Ro$e & Friend$