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  1. 15 years....1 album...and Axl refused to promote it or even focus the shows on new music
  2. regardless, he still sounded bad. There's a reason why professional athletes retire when they get older...they just can't do it anymore. Brian sounded like he just couldn't sing anymore
  3. Tommy Stinson comments on Axl/Dc

    meh. I like the Bon Scott songs, but the Brian Johnson ones are too repetitive
  4. It's like everyone on this board doesn't know what aging is and that everyone goes through it
  5. Yeah, I saw some recent performances of Brian and he sounded pretty bad. He had no lungs and couldn't do much.
  6. He isn't taking over. He's stepping in so they can finish this leg of their tour
  7. From all the clips I've heard, he sounds awesome. It's too bad people are still going toshit on him just because. I find it funny how people are looking for refunds. So instead of cancelling the rest of their tour (which would have pissed off the fans), they looked for a replacement. Axl stepped in to help them finish off the tour and people are still pissed. As much as Axl fucks around with his band (going on late, not rehearsing with the band, etc.), he is not going to act like that with ACDC. He's going to do all the gigs and have a great time. You can't satisfy anyone this days. They always have to bitch and complain about something. People can't just be happy.
  8. when you get into your 40s/50s+, you'll realize that a lot of things are harder to do than when you were in your 20s. It's called aging...IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE
  9. meh She looks like an alien and wears too much make-up She's good enough at what she does though
  10. lol....why do fans have to dissect every little thing Axl says?
  11. Axl's 2016 voice

    Just a silly thing to say. You can't compare him to how he was over 20 years ago. Agingtakes a tollon everyone. Just be happy that he's healthy and is in good shape to still be able to tour.
  12. Fortus was always pretty well liked here. Him and Tommy were probably the two most popular new guys