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  1. meh She looks like an alien and wears too much make-up She's good enough at what she does though
  2. lol....why do fans have to dissect every little thing Axl says?
  3. Axl's 2016 voice

    Just a silly thing to say. You can't compare him to how he was over 20 years ago. Agingtakes a tollon everyone. Just be happy that he's healthy and is in good shape to still be able to tour.
  4. Fortus was always pretty well liked here. Him and Tommy were probably the two most popular new guys
  5. AXL earnings

    yeah, that was a joke.
  6. Slash's take on CD songs

    TIL is just a bad song...doesn't matter who is playing on it
  7. hahah I love how Axl is still doing shis dance moves in the chair
  8. A few years ago, I struck out on 2 Nine Inch Nails pre-sales AND the general public sale. I know your pain. But I just kept going back to the TM website and after 2-3 weeks, they released more tickets and Iwas able to get some greatseats very close to the stage. I checked a few weeks later and they released more floor tickets....
  9. It happens a lot now with computerized bots. They buy up all the tickets right away in order to scalp them. No need to panic though. As I said before, more tickets will be released in the coming weeks. Plus, there's the rumours of a 2nd show being added
  10. I wouldn't panic if you didn't get tickets yet. They always release more tickets in the upcoming weeks, and a lot of them turn out to be in good locations (including some GA floor tickets). Venues don't relase a certai namount of tickets in order to give them to the media and whatnot, but it's always too much, then they release them to the public afterwards.Not to mention there are always fans on various GN'R message boards that end up having an extra ticket for various reasons. Plus, if need be, there's always StubHub
  11. I just re-did it and it says nothing is left. Looks like they were all sold. You can thank the online bot scalpers for that.
  12. I hate how online general public ticket sale work. most of the tickets get snatched up by bots and scalped afterwards Anyways, I could have gotten some tickets in section 115. Prices are pretty crazy for this. Hope everyone else had some success