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  1. If anyone is willing to pick me up a Godzillla T in a size large I'm willing to pay $75.00 for it. Shoot me a pm!
  2. If anyone is going to the Tokyo show and is willing to pick me a Godzilla T shoot me a PM. I'd be willing to throw in a little extra for your time and trouble.
  3. OK detectives, has anyone found where to purchase the t shirt he's wearing yet?
  4. I was hoping JV was going to produce something special for the pop up shop. He released a limited addition GNR tee a few months back that sold out almost immediately. This is the same old stuff thats at every show. I personally like the Lucky Brand line they released a in conjunction with the tour a lot more. Better quality and much more comfortable.
  5. The sign said Axl mentioned said "Axl will you marry me? P.S. I'm only 18" He got a laugh at of it. He smiled and waved when he saw it. Shortly thereafter security confiscated it so I don't think they're allowing signs at the shows at least not at this one.