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  1. I'm not personally but 4 others I'm going to Guns with are already planning on it. I'm not a huge FF fan so I'm passing but it's pretty cool to have those back to back shows non the less. The BOK Center has some of the best arena acoustics in the country, Roger Waters actually rehearsed there for Desert Trip and his tour. Should be 2 great shows.
  2. The Foo Fighters announced their fall US tour this morning and they play the night after Guns in Tulsa at the BOK Center. Is this even logistically possible? I know they are arena shows but would the Foo Fighters be able to get there stage set up in time? I'm not sure how long it takes to tear a stage down/set one up but I would think they would be cutting it close. Plus all of the transportation from both bands trying to load an unload at the same time. At least we should see some shared stage time between the 2 bands!
  3. Bought Tulsa tickets. I was a little dismayed that all floor seats were 250 so I went with good lower level seats at 137. The nice thing is Ticketmaster is very easy to work with on upgrading tickets. Once the VIP package tickets that don't sell are released or I can choose my seats from a map I'll upgrade to floor. On the slim chance that they all sell out I'll be happy with seats and view.
  4. Thank you, much appreciated!
  5. How do you post a pic on this forum? I can add the pic, see it but when I post it doesn't show up!
  6. Sure. I'll take a pic this evening and post it tomorrow. John Varvatos also has a new GNR tee out of the original GNR Cross on a charcoal body. I don't think it's on their website but I did see it at Nordstroms in Dallas last weekend. I didn't pick it up because I went with a couple of new Rolling Stones tees instead. On a side note I highly recommend all of his rock tees. They fit perfect and the quality is exceptional.
  7. These are available now at most department stores who sell JV. I got mine online from Nordstroms a few months back. If I remember correctly it was on sale for $50. I've also seen it at Dillards.
  8. I paid thru paypal myself and received Duff. Axl is in the mail and Slash hasn't shipped yet. All 3 were purchased at the same time, too.
  9. If anyone is willing to pick me up a Godzillla T in a size large I'm willing to pay $75.00 for it. Shoot me a pm!
  10. If anyone is going to the Tokyo show and is willing to pick me a Godzilla T shoot me a PM. I'd be willing to throw in a little extra for your time and trouble.
  11. OK detectives, has anyone found where to purchase the t shirt he's wearing yet?
  12. I was hoping JV was going to produce something special for the pop up shop. He released a limited addition GNR tee a few months back that sold out almost immediately. This is the same old stuff thats at every show. I personally like the Lucky Brand line they released a in conjunction with the tour a lot more. Better quality and much more comfortable.
  13. The sign said Axl mentioned said "Axl will you marry me? P.S. I'm only 18" He got a laugh at of it. He smiled and waved when he saw it. Shortly thereafter security confiscated it so I don't think they're allowing signs at the shows at least not at this one.