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  1. Wow! Awesome news. Congratulations GG!
  2. Yes, Beijing was great. We actually spent most of our time there and I feel I know the city layout pretty well after that. Beijing and area has most of what you go to China to see as well. What was amazing was the growth with all those tall condo buildings in all larger cities. here you see a small cluster of buildings by the lake and say "look at all those condos". But there you see them go on and on. There might be one style of 30 buildings next to another style of 30 buildings and on and on.. We went on the subway once at rush hour and it was where you really experience the population.. It was a sea of people and you had to be pretty assertive.. In Shaghai, there were signs on the roads not to honk your horn and the effect of that was so nice.. Compare this to Miami where people honk just to vent, it felt so civilized in Shanghai by comparison. We felt like there was not a good sense of 24 million living in Shanghai while walking the streets. Nothing seemed busy. but we were told it all happens in the subways.. we were also told that Chonqing, also a large city, was a better city for seeing everyday Chinese life, with less impact from tourism. My brother is 6'6" and people were amazed to look at him. Many came up to comment that he was so tall and they would stare in the subway.. I found that pretty funny.
  3. I got home from China a week ago and this jet lag is still going strong. Awesome trip though. A lot of surprises, a lot of beauty. China has about 40x the people that Canada has so it was interesting to see how they manage and plan and the changes in the past twenty years are amazing. We visited about eight cities. Favourite was Shanghai, loved the Yangzee river, Beijing was also great and so easy to get around on the subway. We went to The Wall early in the morning and hardly anyone was there so that made the walk/hike/climb extra special.. I have FNH that was diagnosed when I had trouble hiking up Diamond Head in Hawaii, so wasn't sure I would be able to get to the highest parts, but persevered and did it! It was a huge one for me.. Now I will go back to Diamond Head and finish that one.
  4. RIP. fan since forever.
  5. I see a tiny beak breaking through!! It is absolutely thrilling, in painfully slow speed.
  6. I just can't stop watching this eagle cam on Periscope. Harriet's eggs will hatch any time now. 😮
  7. Heading to Miami for the winter, then China in May.. Excited!
  8. Yes I agree with that.. Maybe my blond hair and blue eyes were why my pat down was so easy and uneventful. The "profile" just doesn't identify me as a risk. And people have different sensitivity levels as well, that are valid for them.. I personally didn't see much offensive in the pat down in that video but she was clearly feeling some level of trauma as a result.
  9. One thing Of note, all TSA reps who pulled me aside were females and I believe of middle eastern descent. I don't believe race entered into why they selected me as I have noticed all races pulled aside at one time or another.. They have always been respectful and polite towards me, even friendly. Which is why I think I am just picked because they can tap me down fast and move on. It would not surprise me though if they have certain "looks" they watch for. And it can only be about look as they never discuss my circumstances or plans.. Just a short explanation of what to expect, tap, tap, tap, very similar to that video, and away I go.
  10. I have wondered if the selection process is less about race and more about quotas. ie how can they screen as many as possible to reach their required numbers.. I have been pulled aside for the tap down 4 out of the last 5 times I have travelled. They have always been polite but thorough. I have not minded because they did it fast. I have never asked for a private room.. i travel very light, so no jackets with filled pockets or other things to make the search more complicated. You could typically look at me and see what I have on me. I am blond with blue eyes. Typical Dutch looking woman. Nothing that meets any profiles, but I have been pulled aside 80% of my trips. I honestly think it is more because they can get me through fast and get their numbers than because I meet a certain type of profile.
  11. Shannon Doherty Gord Downie Sharon Stone Michael Douglas Tommy Chong Valerie Harper Donald Trump Bernie Madoff LArry King Jerry Lewis
  12. Wow, Zsa Zsa died.. Aged 99.
  13. If you are going to punish the band for the negative perceived impact, then wouldn't they have to be rewarded for positive impacts? Can you imagine all they would receive just for Patience alone?
  14. I have watched a couple from season 2. good show. The episodes unravel in an interesting way.. White Christmas twilight zone-y.. Jon Hamm plays his role well.