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  1. I see a tiny beak breaking through!! It is absolutely thrilling, in painfully slow speed.
  2. I just can't stop watching this eagle cam on Periscope. Harriet's eggs will hatch any time now. 😮
  3. Heading to Miami for the winter, then China in May.. Excited!
  4. Yes I agree with that.. Maybe my blond hair and blue eyes were why my pat down was so easy and uneventful. The "profile" just doesn't identify me as a risk. And people have different sensitivity levels as well, that are valid for them.. I personally didn't see much offensive in the pat down in that video but she was clearly feeling some level of trauma as a result.
  5. One thing Of note, all TSA reps who pulled me aside were females and I believe of middle eastern descent. I don't believe race entered into why they selected me as I have noticed all races pulled aside at one time or another.. They have always been respectful and polite towards me, even friendly. Which is why I think I am just picked because they can tap me down fast and move on. It would not surprise me though if they have certain "looks" they watch for. And it can only be about look as they never discuss my circumstances or plans.. Just a short explanation of what to expect, tap, tap, tap, very similar to that video, and away I go.
  6. I have wondered if the selection process is less about race and more about quotas. ie how can they screen as many as possible to reach their required numbers.. I have been pulled aside for the tap down 4 out of the last 5 times I have travelled. They have always been polite but thorough. I have not minded because they did it fast. I have never asked for a private room.. i travel very light, so no jackets with filled pockets or other things to make the search more complicated. You could typically look at me and see what I have on me. I am blond with blue eyes. Typical Dutch looking woman. Nothing that meets any profiles, but I have been pulled aside 80% of my trips. I honestly think it is more because they can get me through fast and get their numbers than because I meet a certain type of profile.
  7. Shannon Doherty Gord Downie Sharon Stone Michael Douglas Tommy Chong Valerie Harper Donald Trump Bernie Madoff LArry King Jerry Lewis
  8. Wow, Zsa Zsa died.. Aged 99.
  9. If you are going to punish the band for the negative perceived impact, then wouldn't they have to be rewarded for positive impacts? Can you imagine all they would receive just for Patience alone?
  10. I have watched a couple from season 2. good show. The episodes unravel in an interesting way.. White Christmas twilight zone-y.. Jon Hamm plays his role well.
  11. I like a good green pea soup with ham and potatoes, clam chowder, barley and beef.. how about stews? Love stews cooked in my crockpot.. And need a good crusty roll with it. But I have been on paleo so the roll is out for now, as are the soups I have listed here. Sigh.
  12. This is my living room... and my little studio... In my living room, I love my coffee table, shuffleboard and wall unit that we have named "the boxes" because my brother made them for me. I want a darker coloured sectional, and a bigger studio. Other than books, I don't like a lot of "stuff" around so tend to keep it a bit minimalist. And before you ask, it's a money tree. My dining room has to act as a few different rooms. Right now it has a large air mattress because my Dutch relatives just left. So back to my glass dining table and yoga mat on the floor.
  13. I have felt that way a few times in my career. Usually when I would get promoted which I always worried was lifting me to my " level of incompetence". A close friend, after listening to me whine over wine about how I would not be able to do the job said "It's not that you can't do the job, it's that your self confidence is shit." I have remembered that ever since. I remind myself when these times happen that I can probably handle it because I have handled all the challenges that I had faced to get where I am, and my nerves are just because my self confidence is shit.. Helped me face new stuff. Thay already liked your proposal, so it is not a challenge you can't handle.. Public speaking, yeah I never liked that even though I had to do it a lot.. Use your deep breathing techniques, know your presentation info well, and have slides so they look at something besaides you all the time. Good luck!
  14. TMZ says pot and anger were behind the split.. How do those two things go together?