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  1. If you are going to punish the band for the negative perceived impact, then wouldn'tthey have to be rewarded for positive impacts? Can you imagine all they would receive just for Patience alone?
  2. Black Mirror Series 3 - Netflix

    I have watched a couple from season 2. good show. The episodes unravel in an interesting way.. White Christmas twilight zone-y.. Jon Hamm plays hisrole well.
  3. What are you eating?

    I like a good green pea soup with ham and potatoes, clam chowder, barley and beef.. how about stews? Love stews cooked in my crockpot.. And need a good crusty roll with it. But I have been on paleo so the roll is out for now, as are the soups I have listed here. Sigh.
  4. Interior Decoration

    This is my living room... and my little studio... In my living room, I love my coffee table, shuffleboard and wall unit that we have named "the boxes" because my brother made them for me. I want a darker coloured sectional, and a bigger studio. Other than books, I don't like a lot of "stuff" around so tend to keep it a bit minimalist. And before you ask, it's a money tree. My dining room has to act as a few different rooms. Right now it has a large airmattress because my Dutch relatives just left. So back to my glass dining table and yoga mat on the floor.
  5. Ever feel completely out of your depth?

    I have felt that way a few times in my career. Usually when I would get promoted which I always worried was lifting me to my " level of incompetence".A close friend, after listening to me whine over wine about how I would not be able to do the job said "It's not that you can't do the job, it's that your self confidence is shit." I have remembered that ever since. I remind myself when these times happen that I can probably handle it because I have handled all the challenges that I had faced to get where I am, and my nerves are just because my self confidence is shit.. Helped me face new stuff. Thay already liked your proposal, so it is not a challenge you can't handle.. Public speaking, yeah I never liked that even though I had to do it a lot.. Use your deep breathing techniques, know your presentation info well, and have slides so they look at something besaides you all the time. Good luck!
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    TMZ says pot and anger were behind the split.. How dothose two things gotogether?
  7. Happy Birthday Slash787!

    Happy birthday. Enjoy today!!
  8. Happy birthday Graeme!

    Happy birthday, old boy. Enjoy today!
  9. Describe marijuana in your own eyes.

    All of my family lives in Holland and feel pretty much the same way.
  10. Describe marijuana in your own eyes.

    That's me. Always livin' on the edge. Never know what crazy thing I'm doing next. Don't fall in love with me, cause I'll just break your hearts. Okay, gotta go hang laundry... No, never worked for panic attacks. It's actually one of the reasons I would smoke it for insomnia, to avoid that period of paranoia and just go to sleep.
  11. Describe marijuana in your own eyes.

    I wonder how prone to violence these folks are when they are straight?. Inmy own experience, which for me is the tried and true study,being stoners didn't stop a person prone to violence from becoming violent.. It goes so much deeper, to triggers and upbringing and mental stability..
  12. Describe marijuana in your own eyes.

    I have seen lives ruined by pot. Not so much because of the drug, but because of the laws related to the drug. I don't see much wrong with pot. I don't smoke it much. It makes me laugh, eat and then sleep. I actually do use it once in a while when my really bad insomnia hits.. I like it better than my Adivan that I was using when I got anxiety attacks a coupleof years ago. Usually helps. Problem is I don't oftenknow where to get it. I guess Trudeau is going to legalize it. We'll see. It certainly is ridiculous that it is still somewhat illegal in Ontario.
  13. Describe marijuana in your own eyes.

    I don't think the choice of drug is the thing. I have been with violent stoners and docile drinkers.. I think it has to do with the situations in play that set them off.. The alcohol and pot just influence whether the punch lands as well as when the idiot is straight.
  14. I think that part of the brain that does small talk is underdeveloped in me. I am great alone, and I am great having deep or heavy conversations with people. but I feel completely out of my element when small talk is required. I get anxious in those types of situations and try to avoid them. I think that's why I prefer dinner out with friends vs parties.