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  1. Some concerts the ticket info specifically said tubes were not allowed inside the stadium. It's a great idea but just be careful or else you might be required to throw the tube away to be allowed into the stadium.
  2. Yeah, the merch people at Gdansk were very poorly organized. My friend got to the front of the merch line and asked for a litho and they said "sorry they're not here yet. They'll be here in about 30 minutes, come back later." Fuck that! He just stood at the front of the merch stand and didn't budge until they arrived. Sure enough, 30 minutes later he got them.
  3. Not really surprising, it's a Magritte theme! I like it!
  4. London Night 1 was x/150 and London Night 2 was x/200 Different designs for both
  5. Definitely the best explanation I've heard so far! Thanks!
  6. Yes I agree. Munich looked too much like a Saturday morning cartoon for me. I was expecting Scooby Doo to pop out from behind the tree. But I disagree on London 1 being the best. Madrid, hands down. The canvas effect and the execution overall is just brilliant. Definitely the Saxon Steed but I just can't figure out who the woman is.
  7. Totally agree with the lack of GNR imagery. The skeleton horse is a bit GNRish but definitely subtle. It could be anybody's concert poster. I think some people might have been caught out by the rain but a few people brought plastic bags to keep their merch in. I think it's more likely that they simply chose not to buy the lithograph because they couldn't keep it protected. I think many of these European lithographs will end up being white whales for collectors in the future. Brisbane lithographs are underrated. I think anybody with a decent-sized lithograph collection should have them because they're bargains. Plenty of them out there for sale at cheap prices.
  8. I don't know what you guys are complaining about. I think it's beautiful and classy. They don't all have to be all rock n roll. The warm orange hue to it is gorgeous. But yes I agree, it will be hard to find. These European lithos are already impossible to find on the resale market and Hannover was yet another limited to 150 copies.
  9. Okay so just to clarify, Zurich is 44cm x 58.5cm so I am sure it's the exact same size as all the other Euro lithos, my bad Just measured now and realized it's slightly smaller than 'standard size'
  10. Sorry, didn't take any. Just a pic of the litho
  11. The Vegas lithos were limited to 1000 and I only feel marginally more special about owning that than a London or a Kobe or a Gdansk. I am definitely on team #makemoregoddamnfuckinglithos
  12. Definitely one of the better ones without a doubt