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  1. How do you know this? The only way someone could know this is if they knew the buyer, knew the seller, was the buyer or was the seller. Or you offered something close to $2000 yourself and got turned down. Which one are you? Sounds like you're just drumming up hype now that you have one.
  2. Foil is nice for a concept but I'm just not a fan of the design. Imagine if there had been a foil variant of Foxboro or Cinci or Kobe. Oh my god, there would've been riots.
  3. I didn't even want the Sara Ray design and somehow I ended up with it and a foil version too. Foil version I'm keeping purely because it's rare. Same reason I'm keeping some of the crappy Aussie designs.
  4. They didn't pass over the elephant skeleton design. The skeleton 'alternate' was meant to be the glow-in-the-dark portion of the same lithograph. The shitty print company they commissioned to do the Singapore, Bangkok and Dubai (I imagine, if it even exists) 'lithographs' couldn't do glow-in-the-dark so they just printed it as is. As anyone with the Bangkok and Singapore lithographs can testify to, the print quality is substandard, the paper quality is substandard, they're smaller than 18x24 and they're very lightly and crudely stamp-numbered rather than hand-numbered. A really poor production all around. Not sure if the shirt is glow-in-the-dark but I suspect it isn't. But either Slash or Axl wore the elephant design t-shirt on stage during the Bangkok concert, which seemed to be a big hit with the crowd anyway. As for the Sara Ray San Diego prints - I have the normal print and the foil print. I don't know about the orange and purple prints but I can assure you that the foil print looks much better quality than the regular print. The regular print is quite grainy whereas the foil print (whether it's silkscreen or not) does not have the same grain to it and is super clear. If you had told me one was a lithograph and the other was a silkscreen, I would have thought it was the other way around.
  5. I like that. Never been crazy about the litho design but that frame matches very well.
  6. No I found it at a book store that specialized in automotive books in Seattle. It wasn't an official Porsche book and I can't find a photo of it on the internet. It had a blue and orange dust jacket and was just huge. Plenty of Porsche coffee table books out there though and I'm sure they'll all pretty awesome. I think I bought this one simply because it was huge yet cheap and on sale. I doubt I paid more than $20 for it. I'm sure they know they exist at least because Duff signed an Osaka litho and is selling it to fund someone's medical expenses, I think.
  7. A big ass coffee table book for sure! I have this big ass coffee table Porsche book. It's massive, about the size of a GnR litho and just has all these amazing Porsche photos from over the years. Something like that that has all the lithos plus maybe a page or two review/interviews for each show would be insanely popular. Oh and 2500 yen would be about $30 Aussie.
  8. Have to agree. I know for certain if it wasn't for this thread, I wouldn't have even bought one litho And I'm just talking about the litho at the Osaka show for 2500 yen
  9. Talking about hard to find lithos... has anybody at all seen a Dubai? Or heard of anybody with a Dubai? Or even a photo of a real Dubai? It's been more than a month now and I don't think I've ever seen anything other than the pic that was on Arian Buhler's instagram. I still find it hard to believe they exist. I hate the design but damn that would be a good one to have in the back pocket for trade.
  10. I have never ever in 20+ years of going to shows expected new music. For me, I want to hear in person the songs I already know and like because for me I would much rather spend a couple hundred on a live performance than $20 on a CD.
  11. Three of them I sold on behalf of my friend's friends. One went really quickly around the time they were going for ridiculous amounts on Yahoo. There were a lot of cashed up older Japanese people I knew through the local Japanese GNR fan clubs living out near Tokyo they didn't get a chance to go to the Osaka/Kobe shows. So they were happy to splash the cash on it, especially since they were direct trades rather than going through an online marketplace. The last of the three took a while because the owner was holding out for me. I got a LOT of offers for close to but below $1000 and he was like "nah if my other friends could get x, then I can get x too and I'm in no rush" The last two I purchased myself in preparation for the litho-armageddon I envision will occur when GnR start touring again. I got a pretty good price because I was able to trade other non-GnR related things and services for them. Those plus my Yokohamas are pretty much the foundation for my lithos-for-trade collection at the moment. Some might think I've been pushing Yokohama as a sleeper only because I have spares but I assure you, it's the other way around lol. I think it is a design that will become more desirable as the tour goes on, so I stacked up on them
  12. Oh yeah let's not forget there's still an assload of american shows to come. And you just KNOW the resellers will be circling like vultures around those merch tents...
  13. I think it's naive to base anything solely off an auction that happened, what a month ago now? You've got multiple people here who would happily pay $500 and I suppose at least two people on Ebay (uzi your illusion and whoever ended up buying the thing) who would pay $1000 or more. And yes, I will be very interested too to see what the Europe leg will bring. My fear is that there will be a few that I will like... but none of them will be 'great' or rare enough to trade for a Kobe. So then either I'll have to trade Kobe for multiple lithos which is difficult because there is rarely one person that has all the lithos you want, or I will end up having to sell it for cash and hope that cash is enough to secure the lithos I want. Kinda like having a $20 bill and the vending machine only takes singles
  14. The greed in me is kicking myself too. I remember thinking "oh I already have my own, I'll let the other hyenas fight each other for this. I'll just sit back and watch the bloodbath." Then I forgot about it and when I saw it finished with no bidders I was like wuuuuuuuuuuut
  15. So you must think uzi your illusion is an idiot for offering $1000? If you had bought that one on Ebay for $500, you'd be $500 richer right now instantly because uzi your illusion would have bought it from you. Making 100% profit by flipping something in less than a month sounds like a bargain to me. Just because you personally wouldn't pay $500 for it doesn't mean it's not a bargain. I think we can demonstrate quite easily that many people think $500 is a price they would pay.