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  1. The Punk documentaries did a pretty good job of telling the story. There was still a lot missing but Wayne/Jayne County's left out of a lot of docs - Part 3 is pretty much the Decline of Western Civilization - Alice Bag, Keith Morris, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins (and where Duff shows up and mentions how DOA was an influence on him, but they all get into how DOA literally built the hardcore punk club network cross country), and part 4 is Riot Grrl, Nirvana, Offspring, Epitaph Records, Warped Tour, up to present day. Somewhere in the middle of this I watched The Slits documentary and highly recommend it.
  2. Probably when GNR played Farm Aid but musicians are funny as far as who they keep in touch with. Fermanager knows.
  3. I'm sure FNM were talked into the support slot "for the exposure". All of the GNR support slots were handpicked.
  4. Malcolm Gladwell's the "10,000 Hours" guy
  5. Slash and Steven in The Dirt

    I know someone who was driving too fast and he was barely above the legal limit - .09. his girlfriend was in the passenger seat - it was a winding road and was going too fast. He did 3 years for second degree manslaughter, it took years before he got his license back. Vince should have done at least 2-3 years, not 2-3 weeks. How he was allowed to open a winery and open a tequila business is beyond me.
  6. The Dirt (Motley Crue)

    Robbin Crosby was also in the room so they might have blended the blondes..