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  1. Original AFD Artwork Debate

    It's sci-fi rape, no different than some graphic forms of anime or what's been in past issues of Heavy Metal magazine. Nothing about it promotes sexual assault. Should all art be white fluffy clouds? I was going to post Hitler's paintings to make a point of how someone who did horrible things made such bland paintings, but feel free to Google.
  2. So why did Axl need Slash and Duff to fight Geffen Records on the Greatest Hits? Axl got the rights to the GNR name so Slash and Duff couldn't form GNR with another singer or deal with a "Courtney Love" or "Yoko", but when it comes to using the songs in movies and TV shows, it's a co-ownership - remember they sued each other having to do with Black Hawk Down? He "protected" the name but it came at a cost. As far as new music, it took Van Halen 5 years after they reformed to put "A Different Kind of Truth" out and they used a lot of old demos to put it together, the way I see it, we still have a few years to go until something's out, whether it's a single, double, or triple album - we'll see. They're not really beholden to CD length anymore. The box set was also about remastering for iTunes and Amazon. That's how people buy their music. The box set's for hardcores. Whether or not they bother with UYI and TSI? - we'll see, but there's a lot of outtakes, alternate versions, and pro-shot and recorded concerts to mine from, plus the unreleased documentary. I don't think Axl's in his "reinventing the wheel" mindset anymore and the days of keeping multiple studios open are over. It's even possible GNR will have their album out before Tool. Maynard's even joked about calling the new Tool album "Chinese Democracy 2".
  3. WBAB on Long Island played SOYL a few minutes ago. Eliot Scheiner doing the mix it is interesting to me as a Steely Dan fan, he had a lot to do with how those albums like Royal Scam, Aja, and Gaucho sounded, but I don't see him trying to reinvent the wheel - Steely Dan never put a 5.1 of Aja out because a couple of songs are still missing. It's definitely a long overdue release, and it may never have happened if Slash and Duff were still feuding with Axl. The track liisting is cool but I don't think I'll be plunking down the money for the super deluxe, esp if they're not releasing live shows. Odds are good you'll hear the Super Deluxe minus the 5.1 mix on Spotify. As far as money goes, it's not a limited deluxe so if you hang in there, deep discounts usually happen for the CD version, the vinyl prob. not.
  4. They probably ran through a lot of UYI in rehearsals but it's also about keeping the audience's interest, it's also trying to balace AFD, UYI & ChiDem cuts out. I don't know why they don't occasionally swap Coma for Locomotive though. I think they had done Perfect Crime in soundcheck. Even when GNR did the Vegas residencies, they didn't really change many songs in the setlist. Billy Joel took a few years of playing MSG to really shake his setlist up, and we know Billy's one of Axl's influences (and I guess a good friend now). No new album since 1993, and isn't planning on putting another one out. I don't know if Axl's happy with the Illusions over the years, or if it's something he wants to have remixed. It would be cool to hear the whole thing as a box set though, because you also have TSI? songs that were part of the sessions and anything else that didn't make the cut. There's also the unreleased tour documentary.
  5. Here's the real question - will they have isolated audio of Axl banging Adriana? I think in one of the Axl chats, he did say he was going to revisit AFD when someone asked if he was going to have it remastered, I don't remember if a Deluxe Edition was mentioned. Box sets usually aren't "cash grabs" (greatest hits usuallly are-or were), and who else but FANS are going to buy it? The casual fan just wants the usual songs, could care less about demos and outtakes. I would love to hear how the songs evolved, but they need to do more than put existing demos out that made the bootleg rounds, however they need some of that in there. There will probably be different versions - the remastered AFD, a 2 disc version, and a box set - and probably memorabilia. It'll be interesting to see if Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven promote it - even if they don't play, it would be cool to see them do a Q&A like Jimmy Page did for Led Zeppelin.
  6. AC/DC are known for working fast in the studio, mostly because the songs were hashed out with Malcolm and Angus. Usually Brian was brought in when the songs were written and met up in the studio, he hasn't co-written in a very long time. The one thing I'm surprised about is no new live concert video, odds are if/when it's released, it'll be 2 concerts - one with Brian and one with Axl.
  7. It's not exciting if GNR just announced "we're remastering AFD for iTunes and Amazon". The CD version might be tweaked by Mike Clink but if it ain't broke... It's not like Axl, Slash and Duff would have been heavily involved in archives, they would just turn whatever tapes they had over to the person overseeing the project. Curious what a 5.1 AFD mix would sound like. Axl's changed his mind about a lot of things in the past, but a lot of artists like Steely Dan & Led Zeppelin who had said "we have nothing in the vault" - they didn't want demos out there either, but they got leaked anyway. Led Zep put alternate versions out that had not been out there in bootleg circles, Jimmy Page and Jason Bonham had amassed boots over the years and knew what was circulating. It would be interesting to hear the evolution of the studio tapes though - we know My Michelle had some changes made to it, or the original way It's So Easy was done. A remastered and upgraded "Welcome to the Videos" should happen - with commentary.
  8. The importance of Mike Clink

    Slash, Duff, Axl all said they never considered Paul Stanley to produce them and were making fun of him - Slash learned his lesson. Considering Mike Clink worked under Ron Nevison, he easily could have made them sound overproduced and polished.
  9. Might be tied into Download Fest, but if this is true - do they REALLY want to use "destruction is coming" - considering what happened there 30 years ago??
  10. Remasters are happening more for Amazon & iTunes than for vinyl or CD, and a lossless HD remaster, maybe a 5.1 - but they want to have something physical to promote to hype it up and make the rounds. Hoping for a "making of AFD" and a massive box set along the lines of what Metallica's been delivering. There's probably great alternate versions. We don't know how much of the AFD era shows were recorded on multitrack, if any. Marc said there was still footage that people outside of the band has never seen, but he said he gave the band copies of what he had. AFD 5 won't happen except in a residency situation or if they choose to do all of AFD as a set, but I don't think it'll be just the 5 of them on stage. Now we wait to see if Izzy puts a statement out.
  11. We're almost 2 years into this. If GNR do another residency I don't see why Steven, Izzy, and Matt wouldn't be a part of it. The money's been made and then some.
  12. Keep in mind he was playing the Sunset Strip in his teens and Van Halen were still playing clubs - plus his gigs with Tori Amos (mostly a studio band, they did 2 shows), The Cult, Neuorotic Outsiders, Camp Freddy, Kings of Chaos, etc. The GNR stuff is 3 years out of a 40 year career. He's talked about Duff and Slash asking him questions about what went on during the UYI tour because they were out of it, so even if he did abuse drugs, he still had to go out night after night and keep Duff in check as the rhythm section. I think the road leading up to GNR and the aftermath is going to be better than the GNR road stories.... he probably beat Gene Simmons "conquests" in 3 years. Whatever. I'm sure Howard Stern will ask him... Drummers tend to be the most outspoken and reveal the most in their memoirs.
  13. It would be great if they did a HIStory box set. "Bad" and "Off The Wall" have been documentaries, I'm sure at some point "Thriller" will be, but hoping they will eventually do ones on "Dangerous" & "Invincible". "HIStory" would definitely be a good one for them to get into discussing how it was made, what was going on at the time, include the Blood on the Dance Floor EP cuts and go over the unreleased stuff. There has to be a lot of unreleased stuff in the vault, plus tour footage. Axl didn't battle with label heads, he battled with Geffen and Interscope "second and third in comman" types (surprised he wasn't in the Iovine/Dre doc talking about ChiDem) the way Michael was calling Tommy Mottola the devil. One thing they had in common was taking their time to make an album and having the challenge to not repeat themselves, with mixed results.
  14. As far as how fast a show would sell out for a one-off - the list would be Take That (w Robbie), Oasis, One Direction, even though that split was still recent. I'm on the fence as far as a Smiths or Cocteau Twins reunion. Kate Bush could easily sell Wembley Stadium out, but she'd never play a venue that big. Cliff Richard or Elton John doing a final concert at Wembley would also sell out in seconds. Now if you threw in Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Genesis (Peter Gabriel & Steve Hackett included) for a one-off, servers would crash worldwide.