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  1. Outside of trading circles, there would have to be interest for a Chinese Democracy Deluxe to be released. I think if someone decided to make a book about the making and release of "Chinese Democracy", it would be like "The Longest Cocktail Party" about The Beatles - a lot of it ties into the music industry at its peak and dramatic fall. A lot of people still don't know why Axl was "in hiding" in 2008 and didn't want to be in the public eye, he said it wasn't a great year for him even though he was happy to see the album finally released. They'd have to get the Axl and Del James "blessing" to do it though and have access to all the tapes, notes, etc, including some of the stuff MSL wound up in possession of.
  2. I wonder how much Axl knew GNR lost in the Universal fire - I doubt rough mixes/work tapes were stored there but the Use Your Illusions and The Spaghetti Incident masters were probably part of it, and Live 86-93. If Greatest Hits went up in flames, I'm sure Axl, Slash and Duff could care less. It also makes me wonder what master tape they used to work on the AFD Super Deluxe. Surprised Axl hasn't Tweeted about it.
  3. Odds are the next GNR album is going to re-record some of the ChiDem II songs with Slash and Duff and some stuff that was supposed to be for the third Velvet Revolver Album. The songwriting credits will kind of give away where the songs are coming from. Axl was working on that follow-up in the middle of releasing ChiDem but Interscope had zero interest in supporting him at the time, for that and the remix album. I think GNR were using 5 studios, probably double that if you're counting home studios, and bands like APC used GNR's studio time to do the first album. I know The Palms in Vegas was one of the studios.
  4. The artists that recorded for MCA Records in the 50s-80s are the ones that had the most to lose in the fire - Steely Dan, The Crusaders, Spyro Gyra, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neil Diamond, Jimmy Buffett, Bing Crosby, pretty much everything US Decca from the swing era - and some of the 80s metal bands and pop groups on MCA. Bobby Brown/New Edition... Also keep in mind there are remaster projects that also happened in Europe and Asia and the master tapes were shipped over - sometimes those remasters were better than what was released in America. Casablanca was bought out by Universal so that includes KISS and P-Funk tapes. Irving Azoff looked into it but he hasn't sued... yet.
  5. The Punk documentaries did a pretty good job of telling the story. There was still a lot missing but Wayne/Jayne County's left out of a lot of docs - Part 3 is pretty much the Decline of Western Civilization - Alice Bag, Keith Morris, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins (and where Duff shows up and mentions how DOA was an influence on him, but they all get into how DOA literally built the hardcore punk club network cross country), and part 4 is Riot Grrl, Nirvana, Offspring, Epitaph Records, Warped Tour, up to present day. Somewhere in the middle of this I watched The Slits documentary and highly recommend it.