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  1. Keep in mind he was playing the Sunset Strip in his teens and Van Halen were still playing clubs - plus his gigs with Tori Amos (mostly a studio band, they did 2 shows), The Cult, Neuorotic Outsiders, Camp Freddy, Kings of Chaos, etc. The GNR stuff is 3 years out of a 40 year career. He's talked about Duff and Slash asking him questions about what went on during the UYI tour because they were out of it, so even if he did abuse drugs, he still had to go out night after night and keep Duff in check as the rhythm section. I think the road leading up to GNR and the aftermath is going to be better than the GNR road stories.... he probably beat Gene Simmons "conquests" in 3 years. Whatever. I'm sure Howard Stern will ask him... Drummers tend to be the most outspoken and reveal the most in their memoirs.
  2. It would be great if they did a HIStory box set. "Bad" and "Off The Wall" have been documentaries, I'm sure at some point "Thriller" will be, but hoping they will eventually do ones on "Dangerous" & "Invincible". "HIStory" would definitely be a good one for them to get into discussing how it was made, what was going on at the time, include the Blood on the Dance Floor EP cuts and go over the unreleased stuff. There has to be a lot of unreleased stuff in the vault, plus tour footage. Axl didn't battle with label heads, he battled with Geffen and Interscope "second and third in comman" types (surprised he wasn't in the Iovine/Dre doc talking about ChiDem) the way Michael was calling Tommy Mottola the devil. One thing they had in common was taking their time to make an album and having the challenge to not repeat themselves, with mixed results.
  3. As far as how fast a show would sell out for a one-off - the list would be Take That (w Robbie), Oasis, One Direction, even though that split was still recent. I'm on the fence as far as a Smiths or Cocteau Twins reunion. Kate Bush could easily sell Wembley Stadium out, but she'd never play a venue that big. Cliff Richard or Elton John doing a final concert at Wembley would also sell out in seconds. Now if you threw in Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Genesis (Peter Gabriel & Steve Hackett included) for a one-off, servers would crash worldwide.
  4. https://la.eater.com/2017/12/27/16822666/canters-deli-co-owner-died-gary-canter
  5. He wrote authorized ones for Marillion and Iron Maiden but I'm sure he'll write another GNR book again.
  6. Queen Biopic - Bohemian Rhapsody

    I wouldn't be surprised if Rami wound up running into someone Singer had assaulted and went off on him.
  7. He prob. knew Chris was leaving GNR and let Melissa know.
  8. It could always fall apart and old wounds reopen, but I think they're all enjoying the ride and printing out money. New music? They can't even put ONE new song out, but who knows if they've been sneaking in studio time or coming up with stuff in hotel rooms and soundchecks. I'm sure if/when the time comes, that new song will be on a movie soundtrack. I think the US tours will become shorter, be based around festivals (as nuGuns had done in the past) and we'll get another Hard Rock Vegas residency - of course the tickets are going to be more than the last time around. Flying piano makes a comeback, add to it a more permanent version of the pop up museum. Axl/DC - probably a live album/Blu-Ray coming out in the next couple of years, guessing they'll have both a Brian concert and an Axl concert.
  9. Paul Stanley of Kiss

    Paul Stanley said Ace will never be on stage with KISS, at least as far as being in makeup goes. Anything where they're out of makeup and Ace is a special guest will probably happen, same goes with Bruce Kulick. KISS has done out of makeup shows here and there. I can picture Axl going "A-ha! Now I know what to do with the Chinese Democracy sessions, I'll hand them out to the fans for $10,000 dollars a pop". Or the Izzy Stradlin Vault Experience.
  10. Whats next for ac/dc?

    Cliff's out so would Duff be the replacement bassist? Fans want to see Angus and Brian but I could see AC/DC and GNR playing the same festivals and Axl performing both. Chris Slade's 70 so I don't know if he's also considering retirement. Either Billy Joel will have Axl and Brian singing together at a show in the near future, or GNR will have Angus and Brian come out and do a few songs.
  11. Axl's microphone

    Paul Stanley sells "smashed on stage" guitars but he has his custom line he sells on the "Kruises" along with Gene's axe bass. But if someone is going to buy a KISS-related guitar, it's going to be one Ace is endorsing. Axl's had a long history with Shure mics so he's either getting them at bulk discount or free. He probably uses more than one mic during the show.
  12. It would have been fun to see them swap Coma out with Locomotive on the tour.I have no doubt they played it in rehearsals. Coma was a song they had a hard time playing live back in the day so it was rarely played on the UYI tour, but so was Locomotive. The fans still feel there's a lot of UYI songs they should be doing apart from those two. Took ages to get Axl to do Yesterdays and Estranged.
  13. I think it could still happen but it's going to be a residency or a private party. Izzy's always had an open invitation to join them as a special guest and he's taken them up on it many times. I think he's disappointed in Duff and Slash not pushing harder for him to be a part of it. It's always possible he'll pop up at a GNR gig, but who knows the last time any of them spoke to Izzy since the tour started. I'd love it if Izzy and Steven played the MSG and LA dates and the three decided to be generous and "take a shave" (pay cut) so they could do the AFD lineup for a few nights. It's the end of the tour and for all we know, they might decide to disband GNR. It's possible a lot of former members will be showing up as special guests, including Buckethead because of Melissa's connection, and mended that fence between Axl and Bucket. It would be fun to see Slash and Bucket on the same stage where they can bust out Shackler's Revenge as a one-off. Surprised Brain hasn't popped in though.