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  1. Think most people need to stop behaving like pigeons gobbling up every shitty lag-ridden stream, only to spew their cynical critique veiled in faux-expertise which has somehow derived from never having stepped foot on a stage a single night let alone sang professionally for over 30 years, and perhaps maybe actually go to a show? I mean you're going to watch all these streams regardless so why exert so much energy to complain? It's alright to have your opinion about whether you like the performance or not, but do you honestly think anyone's impressed about how much you know about vocal warm up exercises or how much more work Axl "needs" to put in to impress you? Cause i don't see any of you having co-written the songs he has, having performed through injuries, public ridicule and invested so much of his life to keep this band going so you have the opportunity to see this music being performed. At the end of the day we are here because we love the music this band has produced. From the friends who I know that attended download, that I would consider a casual gnr this is what they said So pretty hard to see how this is anything but a win for the show.