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  1. It's one of my favorites from Chinese as well, including Buckethead's beautiful solo. I always cringe at the 'kick your ass' lyric though.
  2. This. Hopefully there's a plan to work on a new album with this 'best of both worlds' approach in mind.
  3. Fly GNAIR

    Oh but you guys can have an opinion - just like everyone else. I'm just merely stating that by now we have a pretty good understanding of what your opinion are, given the subtlety and all. But yeah, this GNAIR thing is lame.
  4. Fly GNAIR

    You sure have a funny way to show your support. Maybe you should tone it down a bit.
  5. Two titled songs

    There are also parts of Braveheart and Mississipi Burning.
  6. I think he meant the whole experience was ‘fucking great’. But yeah, the drums were good. And I like Frank’s work.
  7. +1, I'd like to know this as well. Crowd's pretty pumped when Axl comes out! And without hat, even though from Meegan's IG you see it was not intentional, he had one on but it fell off.
  8. Wouhouuuu! Very nice Yesterday, the best it has sounded in a long time!
  9. Now he's nailing it, go figure. I hate Slash's solo though, still noodling without much melody.
  10. Had never seen this before O_o
  11. Actually, the start of the chorus is not that bad - the problem is that there's no consistency throughout songs / concerts. The verses are weak. here's Better (lol at the thumbnail).
  12. Tkx! Must be even bigger than that if you look at some of the videos!