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  1. 2006

    Exactly this, with the release of CD in 2008 as another key momentum for me in the band's history. 2006 Axl was so bad-ass.
  2. Well, technically...
  3. Fortus Interview KSHE

    I really enjoy the fact that you call it T3.
  4. Fortus Interview KSHE

    I won’t believe anything until it’s in my ears.
  5. They released an album 10 years ago. Give us a live album/Blu-ray combo in early 2019 and a new album in late ‘19/early ‘20, then tour.
  6. Let’s go crazy and hope we have both a live album (Houston 2016 with minimum overdubs) and a new studio album.
  7. A 70% show is not ‘very short’. And they still had the F1. He did his best, which is great.
  8. He wasn't much on the radar here in Europe before the election, but he wasn't respected either. People already made fun of him, his business, his TV show and his poor taste. I don't see the role of the so-called liberal media in this, media is reporting what the fucker is doing / saying. He himself is casting that shadow. Conservative media tries to pass his behavior as normal, that's more an issue to me. Anyway, I hate to fucker, his policies, his persona, his poor vocabulary, poor thoughts, poor taste so go Axl and more importantly go US, get rid of that idiot. 50% of you voted him in (the fact he has supporters is something I'll never understand) but I have faith that some of those people had a change of heart and he'll be voted out in 2020. And a lot of cleaning will be needed afterwards.
  9. Likewise, though I have all-time favorite songs on other GNR albums as well.
  10. To me it’s a GNR album, and I love a lot of the songs on it. Some I’m listening to anymore, just like the rest of their albums. I don’t care much if others like / don’t like it, it captures Axl’s spirit perfectly IMO and more importantly I can relate to a lot of the material and feel like it expresses some of my emotions.
  11. Why is Axl always putting on that robe at the end of a show?
  12. Hot damn, This I Love is starting to sound good again - I really wonder why this isn't possible from Gig 1 of a leg. Is Axl scared to blow out his voice during rehearsals and progressively increases power? Which song is this?
  13. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    Why do you think he was irritated?