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  1. If that's the case it's disgusting, the F1 tickets are super expensive and I couldn't care less about racing :-/ I'll be in the area but I'll guess I'll skip the opportunity then.
  2. So guys, what's the best way to see Guns there? Not sure I understand the different options on https://www.yasmarinacircuit.com/en
  3. But we're talking about a band that's been filling stadiums across the globe for the past 2.5 years. I'm sure the record company noticed. It was a different time and context, but they financed CD even tough all familiar faces and talents had jumped ship, I'm sure they'd consider investing in this lineup. And there's a lot the band can do by themselves, or that is allegedly already in the can.
  4. With Slash and Duff back, they might see things differently. There's clearly an appeal and a platform to market this.
  5. Some of those are songs involving the whole band, that's also probably why (they all get to check on balance, feedback etc.) + I guess also check the rest of the show (screens, lightning)
  6. I know what you mean, felt like that as well when I first saw all bands I love - to somehow realize that they are real persons, not fantasized characters only rendered through eh prism of screens etc. Thank you for what you do.
  7. McBob’s voice is recorded and part of the intro film, not live. No variation this leg.
  8. You're right, it's a great song.
  9. Somehow it bugs me that there’s no escaping AFD for the band. I understand they will never top it but they need to work on something new.
  10. Favorite post 93 version of Axl

    Pretty much this. Favorite Axl-era ever.
  11. Damn, his son looks just like him!
  12. Thank you so very much! I think they sound very good, even though the mix is crap. Hopefully we’ll be treated with a blu-ray for Christmas.
  13. It’s only on Sky Arts I guess, which I don’t have. Damn.
  14. Where can one see this?
  15. Axl looks great me think!