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  1. Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    i don't know how many other deep cuts they can introduce before the NITL becomes absolutely obsolete to me the only way if they were to extend this milk trip is to bring in the originals for the farewell leg which i was hoping would be this last push i'm one of the few that believes this last leg is truly the 93 argentina wrap up - no record no nothing left in the tank for us to see or hear - most of the fans have been played
  2. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    i could pretty easily see gnr this weekend but becaue they've extended the never ending tour i have no reason to value the $ spent
  3. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    he did
  4. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    well the novelty of locomotive sure dried up fast i was motivated to see them and now none whatsoever as the song is solely used as a weird gimmick yeah cause they fucked up the outro
  5. yes but mostly the outro - after all the complexities of the song - GNR beat the likes of Zeppelin epic like songs, similar to Carouselambra they got most of the song right but the outro needs work thats the killer bridge to another far away land that GNR was aspiring to become the drum section is a classical composition its probably the hardest drumming of all GNR catalogue
  6. yeah and doug actually meant what he was saying..
  7. i think its hysterically funny because of the timing - guaranteed it was axls plan to have slash rework the songs till the end of time and then he could think about finishing them now he has to start from scratch writing and there is no fucking way he is motivated to do that - this is izzy's moment to save the day!!
  8. i can't see why the band can be pissed its promotional what he did because none of the songs are worth anything to the band - not moneywise anyways it ignited a lot of interest from the CD bois which are few and far between
  9. my two bits on locomotive that it is indeed the deepest cut GNR have in their catalogue, i was die hard when UYI came out and i could never get through the whole song not because it's not good - its fantastic but its their most different song - no clear chorus and the song length, this coupled with never a release as a single nor video and the abundance of other songs to get into made it sit on the shelf for a long time, i only really listened to the entire thing a lot in the last 5 years this is coming from a die hard as i was mostly reignited when i finally heard the live recordings of 91 on youtube no casuals know this tune, its pure die hard and slash/axls baby what's axl saying 2/3rds into the song it's like he's directing his crew on something mutes the mic, does he instruct to lower levels or what's he doing
  10. i stayed for that one in 2002 that was sweet i only left in my last NITL appearance song is played with the least passion along with sweet child they really do need steven to make those two at least some justice
  11. he must be so BUTT HURT!!! feel bad for him in a way
  12. i leave right before paridise city starts to beat the crowd and the song just doesn't do it for me live at least - would need the originals for me to stay on that one
  13. this is frank's moment to ask for a raise lol
  14. funny thing is axl didnt rehearse it he never rehearses or did he this time?/ hes gonna need support though melissa really should jump in during the outro