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  1. how naive axl has and always will do what he wants slash quits which he prob wont bye bye gnr so be it
  2. translation axl may or may not decide to do a record here there is zero proof that there will be a CD b/c Slash is the same as Dizzy or Fortus
  3. Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    bolivian gun powder faces
  4. New GN'R Release Coming In 2019? **RUMOR THREAD**

    Mexico City 2nd night in Foro Sol (thunderstorm and Axl was on top form in the chair) his best performance and nobody really knows it
  5. New GN'R Release Coming In 2019? **RUMOR THREAD**

    sounds like a dip shit live album with wichita as single
  6. Has anyone ever met Izzy? Please share your experience.

    izzy would be the only interesting band member of them all to meet and chat with he's got all his integrity and has not compromised himself nor his talents his songwriting and thoughts behind the gems his written would be great to hear
  7. 100% Frank is the main reason the current GNR sucks balls
  8. the US government wanted Guns out of the picture literally everyone that was around Axl and to slash to a degree were planted spooks that were paid to break it all up - I'd almost bet my left nut that Goldstein was one
  9. no - they don't sign off on shit but would benefit from the back catologue
  10. theres no huge beef with izzy because they did the whole box set thing which him and adler benefited from there is smaller beef now
  11. geez what a terrible reaching study of what was probably the last straw for izzy all was a demonic power control obssession over a fucking camera when in hindsight 2018 all fucking asshole fans shoot with their phones now instead of enjoying the moment AGAIN, PLEASE DO A VIDEO ABOUT TRACI LORDS, that Stalker hog and or Yoda to keep up the good journalist work
  12. oh im not saying he doesn't like him im saying they sound like garbage compared to izzy and slash - simple as that foo
  13. they suck together and bring out the worst in each other slash is just saying this shit cause his bank account is healthy again every song its overblown with too much noodling and no rhthym at all it seems that as the years pass slash, axl and duff surprisngly have lost all hearing on what makes or made GNR truly tick
  14. I've never heard Duff stutter so much when the izzy subject came up. He's back pedelling and making no sense as if he is guilt ridden by their actions. "Things were ascended to - he mentions that is the biggest give away that they short changed him and said oh well who cares if he's not on board. Duff seemed to be the most genuine of the big three when it came to praising Izzy prior to the reunion it shows how much of a turn coat he is when $ and positions in the band became paramount to him putting up a spineless fuss when Izzy demanded what he wanted. I think someone mentioned that Duff was the most angry of the three regarding Izzy's demands. In short, Duff comes off as someone that is full of shit and not punk at all - a farce of sorts to which GNR has become as well.
  15. can see lots of parallels between axl and billy joel and can understand why axl appreciates that song captain jack, a masterpiece that is almost comparable to one in a million