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  1. slash was way better in the heyday in that he wasn't trying to show off per say and songs like DTJM, COMA showcased his skills at whole other level not seen since, this coupled with the chemistry he had with sorum puts his current peformances to sleep not to say that technically he isn't more proficient now - but the extra groove and emphatic peformances from UYI blows Jimmy Page out of the water all u need to do is see Tokyo DVD DTJM or the Chicago 92 Coma
  2. Axl, Slash and Duff live on stage with Foo Fighters

    wow they finally sound like GNR with a good drummer
  3. Why is Axl so calm and happy nowadays?

    its obvious that slash was the biggest weight off his shoulders this coupled with the $$ and recongnitation he is once getting again that he probably thought he would never receive after all the failed NU GNR years has made him feel more at ease i think the recognition from the mainstream and the $ is the biggest factor, slash back in the mix is seperate and this is the genuine happniness he feels he would be even more happier if izzy somehow rekindled the magic further maybe he's seeing Erin as well - you'd have to think that being happy can be quite related to having some sort of loving relationship in place - i only say that due to her prominent presence in the recent ISE video and slash being with meegan etc
  4. i watched the you could be mine video from download just to see if he had somehow improved and it was astonoshing how much he plays outside of the actual track - he is playing by himself virtually all the time, placing unparallel add ons etc while the pacing is rushing every fucking song furthermore whats with how fast civil war goes too slow that fucking shit down fuck they fucking destoryed that song inside out to its bare guts all over the fucking floor jungle drumming is pitiful as well and i couldn't describe how much i would dream of having Sorum back for estranged and NR
  5. 06/06/18 - Odense, Denmark - Dyrskuepladsen

    i agree i fucking hate shadow and axl sounded close to 86 levels which is great to say the least nice job
  6. 06/03/18 - Berlin, Germany - Olympiastadion

    axl is now getting goldsteened again with the never ending tour it's like he's in in his 93 mood breaking point
  7. 06/03/18 - Berlin, Germany - Olympiastadion

    I kinda have a new found respect for Axl for admitting he sucked This more than anything is a step in the right direction. Whereas previously Axl was probably so insulated from the world that he would just bury the performance and hide because it was the NU era which still flew under the radar. Axl is not stupid. He knows that this band is now shit with him and he needs to react fast. If anything he needs Izzy in ASAP to take the burden off his shoulders and to soldier the songs that he can surely perform in order to improve the overall quality of the show and to fill up space where Axl clearly now feels overwhelmed. Izzy could easily sing some of the top GNR songs which haven't been played and to which the fans would appreciate such as : 14 Years, Dust N Bones, You aint the First, DTJM etc Furthermore, Duff should involve himself further by taking on songs such as So Fine Finally - Melissa Reese can maybe help out with the outro to Patience Come on Axl make the call...
  8. Article About Izzy/Guns on the Wall Street Journal

    buddy one thing nobody is mentioning is i don't fucking think axl slash and duff are really involved with izzy negotiations Fernando tries to say its them 3 making the decisions - my hunch is TB is responsible for low balling izzy and preventing him from entering more sot than the others and they just follow suit cause their pussified because yes Sluff and Axl are set and so are the others but TB is a big family THEY want to be set when axl pretends to joke that he's under siege by TB with whips and chains, he's prob not far from truth there
  9. Article About Izzy/Guns on the Wall Street Journal

    well for the record i purchased tickets to 4 shows of NITL so they still got me but after the novelty wore off and izzy's absence and franks shitty drumming became more and more apparent, it was a yes how dare they situation...I would still be keen to attend additional shows but sadly the quality in music simply is not there and yes leaving out izzy is a big enough black eye and elephant in the room that they can have fun all they want as a group making cash but their loyalty and mostly integrity to the true brand and sound is completely absent
  10. Article About Izzy/Guns on the Wall Street Journal

    ha yeah i'll drink your KOOL AID BUDDY NOBODY that truly knows GNR agrees with you other than Fernando, Jarmo and Del - every other person that truly knows GNR on the planet would agree with me that this NITL is not GNR and is actually quite distant from what they were, however the brand holds such value due to their nostalgia that they've managed to make the tour successful based on casual poser fans that know sweet child and NR do u want to watch a show from 91 just to refresh your foggy memory and then compare a show such as the one at the Apollo Theater last year?
  11. Article About Izzy/Guns on the Wall Street Journal

    geez i will try and explain this for u due to your relentless and obtuse axl/tb like thinking they half reunited on the premise that the classic era would be reinforced to fans and blended the sub par hired hands into the mix rather than doing it in full force solely due to greed and ego any other clarificiations that you need?
  12. Article About Izzy/Guns on the Wall Street Journal

    i dont think its cool not to want to see what was once your favorite band and to have this current incarnation set as it is, profiting from the classic era only not to provide the real chemistry of what GNR truly was as the end product for NITL hasn't been that good IMO - there have been some good Axl moments with slash etc but thats about it i hate to go on and on about it all they should know that the onus is on them to provide a bit more of that classic value rather than the extension of NU while warping the classic brand and product as a result
  13. Article About Izzy/Guns on the Wall Street Journal

    izzy is a living legend simple as that and axl isn't
  14. Article About Izzy/Guns on the Wall Street Journal

    biggest thing is axl prefers his band of pirates rather than actually doing an original reunion 1) costs less 2) no drama 3) music will sound shittier which he prefers since he's lost his ear over the last decade if he could understand that 1) nobody gives a flying fuck about his additional band of sychophant session musicians 2) his ego is still as big as it was in the 90s and he needs to chill and that gnr name aint going anywhere 3) the final product will be enormously better than the shit plaster rock they are stuffing down our throats MAKE A DEAL