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  1. axl is by far the best singer that has graced the acdc stage who cares - would rather see a dude that can play the songs he wrote instead of a dude noodling in the mirror
  2. u mean thats not corporate since when has gnr been practical NITL has turned them into a practical act which is the opposite of what they were
  3. they should try and do it for all of or half of europe or the final few shows so it's not just a one off
  4. i think they can pull off at least one show
  5. thats where the thinking is dead wrong all it would take is a one off show to know that the kick in the nuts that was GNR was never really dead - just temporarily on hold i would like to think that axl slash and duff aren't the ass holes that would prevent that magic from ever happening again
  6. New Matt Sorum 2018 Interview on LA News Show

    this is true - except for axl who took a bit of a nose dive come 2011 he still looked very good 2009-2010 and now although a tad better still looks like he could benefit from sweating it all out in the steam room
  7. i actually don't think Axl's age matters that much - he just needs to not drink during tour and could rise to the level that he did with ACDC, it's apparent that him being his own boss with no real accountability or motivation to go over the top prevents him from taking the performances to the next level im gonna bet axl still has some of his old voice left in him
  8. no you're incorrect - they didn't fully reunite and chose to market it as a reunion where even the tour name of NITL holds truth - a slight jab to those that were hoping to see a full reunion
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    i strongly suspect Duff pulled various strings through his contacts to make sure the encounter happen
  10. Unofficial GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    serious question...are Jarmo and Doug Goldstein related?
  11. ok what about the die hard fans that even believed in the NU GNR era and attended those shows with great angst and even with the revisionism in mind that axl so wanted to bury and then to have the NU GNR era continue, morph into a half classic/nu act and to barely do anything new let alone write anything new for the shows not only has axl milked the main classics but he's now also milked the fuck out of CD in an obsessive manner that is at a cringe worthy level in order to justify his failed era i guarantee that 90% of the people that enjoyed NITL did not attend any of nu gnr era shows a dead horse of concert runs since 2001, if i was axl i would be bored as fuck myself milking the shit out of the tiny catalogue and not even doing it proper justice with the key members that could also bring about the deep cuts from the dead into the light - i would bet money that Axl is not looking forward to the next leg of the tour because even he is bored by the repetition and staleness but hey he's got an entourage to feed it was apparent in the china exchange interview that he was barely motivated to continue with GNR but it's 100% about the bucks and this is exemplified by his weak vocals, whereas some of the only times where he took it to the next level was when he was in the chair and/or when steven showed up or with acdc
  12. problem for die hards funny guy or for anyone that knew the real gnr put things in perspective i gave away my 5 tickets to see NITL at a loss b/c i couldn't stomach seeing them again as is not to mention the below par drumming and stage sluttiness that fortus exhibits
  13. the problem is the vast majority of the concert goeers have no clue what the real gnr sound is and have no idea what the true classic gnr sounded/sounds like - the majority are fan boys and wannabee chick fans plus dad rockers