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  1. Did Slash get that thing going...?

    to me if GNR were going to do a movie it would start out and focus on axl and izzy's friendship in indiana and middle would be to when Axl found each other in LA and the very ending would be the first jam session of the original 5 (there would be some parallel story telling on the other 3 on where they were at before that first jam but the main focus would be axl and izzy) the ending credits would be the real present all original 5 jamming to 14 years and dust n bones
  2. but dizzy and fortus endorse it so that means its ok
  3. he could've been the next jimmy page but him and axl couldn't jive i would've liked slash not to be so stubborn on going in new directions - i would've been ok with a massive shift with guns if gems like NR and Estranged were the direction even nine inch nails type stuff but CD was no mans territory axl also didn't provide slash enough direction he should've told him do the passengers album straight up as your own
  4. sideman at least gets good interviews was he banned from here? where is he? he used to post all his stories here so im sure he got his following starting from here then something happened
  5. axl should've gone in this direction with collaborations with ice t nwa and public enemy no joke he's got flow
  6. very harsh but going by the CD final product and the fact that nu gnr was a failure in that the label would not touch further material you cant put lipstick on a pig and expect it to be scarlett johanssen
  7. @sideman click bait right no sources just speculation however sounds about right problem is rehashing the CD era stuff will result in a mediocre GNR product they need to start from scratch with iz
  9. OMG im so immersed in tis treasury hunt because CD was sooooo good maybe gilby clarke is on thsese tracks maybe Navarro! im so intrigued please send links im dying!!!!
  10. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

  11. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    motherfucker well saaid GNR have not been gnr since 93 and that includes all moments of NITL - THERE WERE SNIPPETS OF MAGIC BUT VERY MOTHERFUCKING SPARSE
  12. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    yeah i'd blame it 100% on TB