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  1. Do you rate one Illusions record over the other?

    This topic is beyond stupid The rare tunes on these albums are better than all the overplayed shit they've been playing for eternity that includes appetite the more apropriate topic is why the fuck haven't GNR been able to pick some of the rare and awesome tunes from each album and play them as a treat to the fans in this order. 14 years Dust N Bones The Garden Dead Horse Locomotive Perfect Crime
  2. i dont think his voice is shot solely based on what he pulled with axldc he can push it to the max if the motivation is there if he can do axldc then surely he can return to this :
  3. the classics are beyond overplayed now DEEP CUTS ONLY with orig 5 and Axl actually pulls off his AXLDC voice PTU You could be mine 14 Years Reckless Life Mama Kin Back off Bitch Move to the City You're Crazy (acoustic) Nice Boys Perfect Crime Dead Horse Dust N Bones Think about You Dead Flowers November Rain (acoustic) Breakdwon Encore It's All Right Patience The Garden Yesterdays Locomotive
  4. the spy thing is a clear inside PR job giveaway
  5. the only thing axl has left after this is to do a deep cuts tour with original 5 that is all pre 90 then he will make more money or else needs to release something new thats his only card other than axl dc - if he records with axldc and goes back to do a deep cuts tour i'd be ok with that and encore beings dust n bones, 14 years and pretty tied up
  6. i think the song is actually ironically a farewell to axl from izzy cause he knows what kind of guy he is and how things are turning out - very melancholic to say the least especially with the last line of I've tried to see it your way ----- (meaning izzy tried his hardest to make it work but no go) hence this bloated affair with no real new music
  7. this x 1000 im pretty sure most of the women are high end pros
  8. axl's piano work on this proves that there was zero need for dizzy, in fact it's the same dynamic as sorum vs adler as axl has a much better groove than dizzy and is very noticeable
  9. cd is the same as a 99cent piece of pizza outside the roxy
  10. haha duff and slash learnt or asked axl what songs he wanted cause they fucking know how obssessed he is about CD no other reason and are sensitive and in tune of axl's sensitivity towards his baby mama cry baby album duff interjected in the brazil interview re: CD to a question that actually meant to be about healing wounds, completely did not answer the question and went on a cringeworthy CD tangent its like every question can be answered with CD such as what axl likes to play, being fan of the most failed lineup etc and on and on pumping up a failed album of proposperous proportions im not perfect but axl could've fed a few villages with all the money he squandared on that shit and still wants to keep it in the spotlight if he actually wanted the respect of any die hard he would shut the fuck up about CD and the whole failed nugnr era and write some new shit with slash and duff but they suck so much together they cant hence where is izzy
  11. i was saying from its inception and mystique which was fine for the 2002 period but to drag it on still now and to go on and on about it in interviews where nobody gives a flying fuck and for slash and duff to kiss axl's ass even more by learning the tunes inside out just gives him the type of recognition for his ego to justify the failure years of nu gnr
  12. CD is abysmal and the only thing worse is axls obssession to stuff CD DOWN EVERYONES THROAT
  13. Slash Interview (VINTAGE - September 1996)

    ya exactly you're seeing it from a half ass nostalgia act point of view where 3 make more - than 5 making more together but maybe the three cry babies make like 10% less as a result i can get that
  14. What happened to Steven Adler?

    https://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/sep/08/axl-rose-izzy-stradlin-guns-n-roses-not-in-this-lifetime-tour here it says izzy's quote about the loot being split equally, it is my belief therefore gnr as in axl was highly encouraged by Live Nation etc to reunite the original 5 in whatever capacity possible but they balked back through adler's back injury then them axl duff slash probably just outright being pissed that he actually wanted and deserved to have an equal cut and rejected his inclusion
  15. Slash Interview (VINTAGE - September 1996)

    Quitting is the same as getting fired. If things aren't going well it's cause you're getting pushed out. Izzy's god like legendary status has increased significantly since NITL and has surpassed that of Axl as a result of not selling out.