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  1. Some parts remind me to Catcher. In the beginning of the Song at and the ending of the guitar solo...
  2. I really can't believe it. After all these years... Thanks to the person who shared it with us...
  3. You should try to trade it for the fact, that axl also looks very skinny on that pic! 😁 The Fan on this pic is a great guy! I remember, that he posted a cool background story to this picture...
  4. Anyone heard about a Clip called Gn'r _audio track_ 9 ? Wondering if this is real or fake...
  5. Maybe he's sorting things out, maybe he's negotiating right now with s.o.,who knows... But the guy is cool dude and is most probably trying to find a way of sharing this stuff with us, without getting in legal trouble. It worked out already with the HOB gig... So... Relax.
  6. They should drop hardschool with slash and duff on it, as a single...
  7. we still can blame MSL or MOJO for this... yeah, i was thinking alot about skwerl recently...
  8. i don't believe that this will work properly. but i do hope, it will... without any major buzz. passing around some links...
  9. as i mentioned before: i got an instrumental clip (about 1 min long) in 2001, that most probably is part of atlas... @estrangedtwat agrees...
  10. That is what i was referring to.... It fits with the Atlas Clip, doesn't it?
  11. listening to the beginning of atlas makes me think, that the instrumental (intro)clip we already got months, or years? ago was real... anyone remembers that? (it was 58sec long) listening to it again makes me believe, that it's most probably the outro...
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