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  1. They're huge around here with the younger country crowd...
  2. Here's another one I heard recently that I liked.
  3. I like that one @Whiskey Rose !!!
  4. Yup, the GnR channel is no more... ended Sunday night.
  5. Do what???
  6. Wow! Alrighty then! Did he ever appear on the Benny Hill Show? Cuz that was some fine British tv, right there...
  7. New Mavericks tune I heard today and I love it. Shout out to KC in there too...
  8. Who the fuck is Brucie?
  9. H cheat
  10. H
  11. I think they sound a lot alike too...
  12. I heard this one on Outlaw Country on Monday morning. Never heard him on there before we started talking about him. Weird. I like this one a lot though. 👍
  13. My gf brought me home a pair so I wouldn't go blind at work Monday. They look like 3D glasses with tin foil lenses. I looked out the window in them and it was blackness. If I don't go blind from all day in the full KS summer sun every day, how am I gonna go blind looking at 1% of the sun? I might put em on just to fuck with the guys at work Monday though...
  14. That's a dobro- yeah they sound awesome. Hank Jr plays one a lot but I can't find a video just now with him playing one... I think the singer is Bumblefoot's cousin who did way too much acid in his youth...
  15. Post your country music feelings here. I love old school country music. Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, etc. Hate is understood and strangely welcomed.