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  1. Your view, right now

    Here’s our Xmas tree 2019... I’m truly curious to see other forum members Xmas trees or holiday displays or whatever people do...

    This garbage is beyond ridiculous. A fuckin $80 towel? $60 t-shirts? Some kind of fuckin pot metal whiskey ice cubes? FFS... I hope they don’t sell a fuckin single one of any of it. Heres what I’d spend tons of money on Fernando. Any type of new unreleased music. DVDs of old shows. Any fuckin thing that we haven’t seen before. Old, new, whatever. Something unseen and interesting and I’ll pony up. Stick your fuckin whiskey cubes up your ass, then do some yo-yo tricks while throwing that fuckin frisbee. That merch is a fuckin joke.
  3. If That Ain't Country

    That’s pretty cool man. I love that song. Marshall Tucker Band is awesome. I’m sure I’ve posted it several times in this thread.
  4. If That Ain't Country

  5. If That Ain't Country

    Fuckin love me some George Strait. Gonna see him live in KC in the new year
  6. If That Ain't Country

  7. If That Ain't Country

    @J Dog where you been hiding?
  8. If That Ain't Country

    Them Limey eyes They were eyin the prize some people call manly footwear
  9. ELVIS

    @RussTCB 3am I’ll buy you one
  10. So there wasn’t a single word spoken from the stage by Axl or anyone regarding it being the last show of the tour? Nothing said about a new chapter coming soon or anything like that? Just a bow at the end and everyone walking off into the darkness like every other night? I was hoping for at least a mysterious cryptic comment of some sort or something... So now what? Another radio silence/ into the wilderness period, or what? Hopefully a comment or hint from Slash before too long about the near future...
  11. Copyright Strikes....

    Go on YouTube and search for Metallica Live (any particular year). That’s how you use YouTube for your fans in 2019. TB treats fans wanting to share live videos as some sort of thief or criminal. What a fucked up mindset. But at least we have the privilege of buying GnAir aviator glasses... How do I still claim GnR as my favorite band over Metallica or AC/DC? I must be fucked in the head...
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    In the year 2019, how you would not want videos of your mammoth tour to be all over YouTube where everyone watches bands and shows and shit, is beyond me. And for her to insult and talk about a well liked and respected #1 fan of the band on line like that? Wow. Fuck this management team. What a fucking joke. They gotta make a change before TB completely fucks up and ruins a potential great new era...
  13. If That Ain't Country

    Been checking this guy out. He’s got a lot of cool tunes. (Especially Cocaine Country Dancing, which I posted before, and first caught my attention... )
  14. If That Ain't Country

  15. If That Ain't Country