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  1. If That Ain't Country

    First song we danced to as husband n wife... it’s not like we requested any. We were in a country bar with our friends n family... but I love this song n it played at the right time...
  2. If That Ain't Country

    Well me n @Whiskey Rose got married on Friday. In Las Vegas, which is nothing if not appropriate, that’s for sure... We’ve had a great time ever since (and way before)... I said we gotta tell the Forum, she said no we don’t, nobody cares... and as usual, she’s right. But I’d like to share this song, which they played at Gilleys Place in Vegas, and we went there with our family n friends... so thanks Forum. And it never would’ve happened without this here country thread. That’s a fact. Life can be really crazy sometimes...
  3. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Wichita has tickets starting at $59... whether they last more than 30 seconds or are immediately scooped up by the scalpers once they start the general sale is anybody’s guess, but that’s pretty cheap by today’s prices...
  4. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I’m really excited for the Wichita show! I know it’ll be the same setlist and stage show but @Whiskey Rose and I will be seeing them together for the first time, so that will be a big deal for us! Plus it’s been since 2017 since we’ve seen them at all, and I’ll always go see GnR any reasonable chance I get. Can’t fuckin wait!
  5. GNR in OKC October 23rd?

    Makes perfect sense! And that would put them there on the weekend, so that’s a bonus! I’m working in McPherson this week, so we can probably pick up Wichita radio on our truck radio. I’ll keep my ears open...
  6. GNR in OKC October 23rd?

    Where did you see that? I’ll be there for sure if so! We would go to OKC or Lincoln, but Wichita is by far the closest for us so I’m hoping it’s true!
  7. Just a little observation- I follow everybody in the band on twitter. There has been total radio silence from everybody except Slash n Duff, who are promoting their solo tours. Well and Slash’s animal and dinosaur and zombie porn stuff. Anyway, Melissa and Fortus used to be heavy posters up until maybe a month ago or so. Obviously under orders to maintain radio silence. So to me, that’s another sign that shit is really getting hot n heavy behind the scenes... exciting times!!!!
  8. If That Ain't Country

  9. If That Ain't Country

  10. If That Ain't Country

  11. If That Ain't Country

    I gotta say Strait
  12. If That Ain't Country

    Poll: Randy Rogers or George Strait?
  13. If That Ain't Country

    it’s been said many times many ways
  14. If That Ain't Country

    I guess I’ve already mentioned how much drawing power this sumbitch has here... he announced a second show in KC but I still doubt me n Whiskey rose can afford it. putting the western in country n western...
  15. If That Ain't Country

    He’s going after the tour money record apparently... if the ticket prices in KC are any indication, he’s got it...