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  1. Girls always look cute when they're sad...
  2. Into the cups, fo sho... not 100% into the sad ones quite yet though @Whiskey Rose...
  3. This song tears me the hell up for some reason
  4. I feel old when I say here's an old one...
  5. Good tune right there @J Dog
  6. I like that one @Whiskey Rose! I think beer n Whiskey go together like pb&j though, personally. My only question is, why is there a dude in a wrestling mask in there?
  7. Hmmm. Me neither? Is that a piano keyboard? It's not the right kinda car for F1, but that's as good a guess as any at this point...
  8. Nah. I know that's Olympic Stadium- I went to an Expos game there once. They could've done a skelly high jumper or something if it was about the olympics. It's about 60s hot rod art.
  9. I love that kind of 60s comic book Rat Fink art, so I like it. But does anyone know how it pertains to Montreal? Detroit was obvious. I like it but don't get it...
  10. Merle's version is definitely one of my all time top 5 favorite country songs, but I like how these guys make it almost into a happy, fun song....
  11. G
  12. They're huge around here with the younger country crowd...
  13. Here's another one I heard recently that I liked.