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  1. What would be the best NITL compilation?

    I know what you’re saying, but if it were to be a compilation of all different shows, I’d like at least a couple tracks showing “the throne”. That was a major part of the history of the tour, so a couple tracks on there to commemorate that would be cool...
  2. If That Ain't Country

  3. If That Ain't Country

    I never had heard of these guys before, but me n @Whiskey Rose saw them play in a bar in Lawrence KS the other night. They were awesome live! Really fun night. They made 2 new fans that night!
  4. The End : machine (Warrant/Dokken supergroup)

    I fuckin love Dokken and George Lynch is a fuckin guitar god, but without a vintage Don voice it’s probably no good...
  5. If That Ain't Country

    You Never Even Called Me By My Name on a bar jukebox- that’s fuckin country. That’s how I first heard DAC too. But I grew up with country music in my house. Yes I’ve heard those albums and I am not at all a fan of that shit. But I made this thread, and the song it’s named after has a dubious lyric. If that ain’t country, i’ll kiss your ass...
  6. If That Ain't Country

    I’m sure you’ve all heard it once or twice, but here’s part 2....
  7. If That Ain't Country

    Got me a Four Horsemen album- Rockin is ma Business (business is good... )...
  8. That really is weird. I think it’s gotta be some inside joke, but maybe there was someone sitting there that didn’t want to be seen? Maybe she’s got a side piece she didn’t want Brain to know she was out with? I’d say someone was for sure sitting there by the drink placements, and their hair was erased in the pic though... I say she was just busting Fernando’s balls about something....
  9. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    @Whiskey Rose if you go to Target tomorrow, please check on this!!!
  10. Whitey Bulger killed in prison, Boston Mob Boss

    Beat him with a fuckin padlock in a sock. Also heard they gouged his eyes out....
  11. Whitey Bulger killed in prison, Boston Mob Boss

    They’re saying it was courtesy of the Boston mafia, in retaliation for all the shit he did to them in the past. Everyone knows the story- he had that FBI agent that he grew up with John Connelly under his thumb, and that guy went after the mob with all guns blazing while tipping off Whitey and helping him avoid busts. And Whitey was ratting out the mob to Connelly too. So he had it coming. But yeah, the fucker lived free into his 80s so he did basically get away with it. Killed women too. Serial killer with other criminal interests, I’d say... Connelly better pray he never gets transferred to whatever prison this was!!!
  12. Whitey Bulger killed in prison, Boston Mob Boss

    Details are still pretty hard to come by, but apparently (according to a guest on PBS Newshour) he was just transferred to a different federal prison yesterday. He hadn’t even been there 24 hours, and was surrounded in his wheelchair by several inmates and got the fuck beat out of him. Should’ve happened 60 years ago.
  13. If That Ain't Country

  14. If That Ain't Country

    @Whiskey Rose has been keeping me on the straight n narrow lately, so I haven’t been drankin n posting quite like I used to... Still drankin, just not posting...
  15. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    Hey @janrichmond - you have a couple guys on a bye week in your starting lineup... I’m playing against you, but I thought I’d let you know in the interest of fair play.... You have a couple hours left to fix it...