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  1. If That Ain't Country

    He’s going after the tour money record apparently... if the ticket prices in KC are any indication, he’s got it...
  2. If That Ain't Country

    The king of country is playing in KC in January 2020 and I want to go, but it’s fuckin champaignne prices already...
  3. What Are You Listening To 2019

  4. If That Ain't Country

  5. If That Ain't Country

  6. If That Ain't Country

    You don’t know the half of it
  7. If That Ain't Country

    Well then turn us on to something good... that’s what we’re here for...
  8. If That Ain't Country

    No. Don’t beat around the bush, post it
  9. If That Ain't Country

    You probably heard him here first Gunners...
  10. Duff's new single release: 'Don't Look Behind You'

    I like it. I’ve listened to it a couple times on a couple different days and it sticks in your head... I’d take this or Chip Away for Duff’s solo spot over Raw Power or New Rose any day....
  11. What Are You Listening To 2019

  12. If That Ain't Country

  13. If That Ain't Country

    Posted it before I’m sure, but Dale motherfuckin Watson ladies n gents
  14. If That Ain't Country

  15. I choose to believe this. Seems like the only reason slash would be over there a few days before his tour picks up is to get a song ready for the Terminator movie. Exciting times!!!!