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  1. If That Ain't Country

  2. If That Ain't Country

  3. If That Ain't Country

    nothing new but still a good one
  4. Your concerts in 2018

    I think I’m going to see Buckethead on 3/15... Me n @Whiskey Rose are going to see Blackberry Smoke on 2/8...
  5. If That Ain't Country

    Looks a lot like where I live...
  6. If That Ain't Country

    It’s been a long time since I’ve drank too much beer and whiskey on a Saturday and posted tunes on here... 🍺
  7. If That Ain't Country

  8. If That Ain't Country

  9. RIP "Fast" Eddie Clarke

    That’s correct- he wasn’t a founding member, but is considered part of the “classic” lineup. Duff, Slash and Axl all tweeted “RIP Fast Eddie” today. I knew Duff n Slash were big into Motörhead, but that’s the first time I can ever recall Axl showing any interest in them. RIP Fast Eddie 🤘
  10. If That Ain't Country

  11. How does your current life compare to your life one year ago?

    @janrichmond ummm, no- that’s not one! @MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle And no, we don’t have the same favorite song... I better just shut the hell up before @Whiskey Rose kicks my ass!
  12. How does your current life compare to your life one year ago?

    Yes- total coincidence... Just one of many things we’ve happened to find we have in common.
  13. How does your current life compare to your life one year ago?

    Thanks man! And yeah, I am a lucky man for sure!
  14. How does your current life compare to your life one year ago?

    Well my life has changed in a very big way in the last several months, that is for sure! And I’m very happy about it! So I joined this forum in early 2016 when I heard the news about Slash being back in GnR. So did a lot of other people. There was another person in particular that joined around that same time, another fan since 1987, for the same reason I did. Because we were very excited about the reunion and going to the Vegas show and all the excitement of it all. Well, as fate would have it, we crossed paths on the forum in the last year and struck up a friendship. Time went by and we started chatting etc etc... Well, to make a long story short... @Whiskey Rose and I have been seeing each other in person a few times over the past several months. And she is an amazing chick and I am head over heels in love with her. It’s not really easy for us since we live about 1100 miles apart and in 2 different countries, but it’s absolutely 100% worth the trouble! Stay tuned! So, thanks @downzy for running this awesome forum that allowed us to find each other! And of course thanks GnR!!! I can honestly say that NITL changed my life in a way that I could’ve never ever seen coming. It’s so awesome that my favorite band made something like this happen!!! Happy New Year from me n Whiskey Rose...