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  1. If That Ain't Country

    Almost 4 mil views so I’m pretty late to the party.... something something something, dust in the baggy...
  2. If That Ain't Country

  3. If That Ain't Country

  4. If That Ain't Country

    The buzzards in the sky get so drunk they can’t fly on that good ol moutain dew
  5. If That Ain't Country

    This dude is opening for Colter Wall tomorrow night... I’ve seen him open for Turnpike Troubadours before. Seems like a good dude and I’m looking forward to seeing play him again. I wondered about his name... yep he is named after that Vince Neil... along with the 60,000 Axls in the world...
  6. If That Ain't Country

    These guys are gonna open for King George next Sunday, and we just took a road trip along old Rt 66...
  7. If That Ain't Country

    We are going to see this kid tomorrow night here in Lawrence KS. Excited about it... holy fuck this is a sad song...
  8. Old School Tix

    Yes it was, and yes I did!
  9. Old School Tix

    Yep that was the exchange rate. It continues to bust our balls to this day... If you find your tickets, we’d like to see them...
  10. Old School Tix

    So my beautiful wife @Whiskey Rose and I were digging thru some old photos and stuff today, and we found these old GnR ticket stubs. Hers is on the left from Toronto, mine on the right from Saratoga Springs NY, 3 days apart. It would be 26 years until we knew each other, yet we both held onto these stubs. We are gonna make a cool photo/ framed thing with these, because for us, it all started because of GnR... Anybody else have old school ticket stubs to post? Or GnR love stories? 😆 There’s gotta be something...
  11. Your view, right now

    Here’s our Xmas tree 2019... I’m truly curious to see other forum members Xmas trees or holiday displays or whatever people do...

    This garbage is beyond ridiculous. A fuckin $80 towel? $60 t-shirts? Some kind of fuckin pot metal whiskey ice cubes? FFS... I hope they don’t sell a fuckin single one of any of it. Heres what I’d spend tons of money on Fernando. Any type of new unreleased music. DVDs of old shows. Any fuckin thing that we haven’t seen before. Old, new, whatever. Something unseen and interesting and I’ll pony up. Stick your fuckin whiskey cubes up your ass, then do some yo-yo tricks while throwing that fuckin frisbee. That merch is a fuckin joke.
  13. If That Ain't Country

    That’s pretty cool man. I love that song. Marshall Tucker Band is awesome. I’m sure I’ve posted it several times in this thread.
  14. If That Ain't Country

  15. If That Ain't Country

    Fuckin love me some George Strait. Gonna see him live in KC in the new year