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  1. Why does it matter though if they are just gonna tour the same set list of 20 year old at the time songs. At most, we'd get Slash on CD songs. What are the odds they would actually release an album of original music written by Slash+Axl?
  2. CD would be the same, except Slash would have re-recorded the parts with his "feel" and solos. Think the live versions of the CD songs that Axl makes Slash do now, but in the studio. CD would have sold a lot better due to the hype of the reunion....I mean regrouping. Not that it matters since they sold the album to Best Buy. By now, 10 years later they'd probably have broken up because once the novelty wears down they'd be an arena rock band again and not a stadium group, so they wouldn't have the obscene amounts of money on the line to keep them honest with each other. At the same time, maybe GNR would finally be dead since Axl wouldn't exactly be able to go back to a NU-GNR lineup after opening the pandora's box of having Slash back in the group. I doubt they'd stay together long enough to get another album out after touring CD. Too hard to split the dough. 2006-Reunion tour+Finck leaves the band or doesn't re-join or whatever it was. Huge hype, big stadium shows ala what happened at the beginning of the actual reunion. 2008-CD released w/Slash 2008-2010-Tour CD to diminishing crowds similar to what is happening now at the tail end of this tour but more pronounced. Solid arena shows, but not like the sold out stadiums. 2010-GNR doesn't renew Slash's contract, Axl hides in his mansion while listening to Lana Del Ray songs. 2017-GNR use their final cash cow of reuniting the AFD 5 to tour and play Appetite live.
  3. Would Slash and Duff speak up...

    No. They're making a significant amount of money touring with Axl and playing Chinese Democracy songs. Slash probably doesn't wanna go back to playing theaters and opening for Aerosmith.
  4. Bring back Street of Dreams

    It's incredibly obvious it is about Slash....it's called The Blues for Christ sake.
  5. New album this year rumour

    "Guys it should be like a double album" "nah man Axl has tons of songs a triple album" "AXL IS GOING TO DIRECT A MOVIE AS HIS NEXT ALBUM AND RUN FOR PRESIDENT" ....GNR should try getting 1 song.....1 single song released first before people start talking about triple and double albums. Who was the last person to release a triple album that wasn't a compilation? We're talking about a band fronted by a guy who was dragged kicking and screaming to release one album nearly 10 years go and hasn't released anything since because his life is so hard and he is constantly attracting lawsuits/is too busy penning essays hoping that ruthless dictators are thinking "man I was gonna commit all these human rights violations because I am a bad man but this front man from an 80s ballad band told me it wasn't cool so maybe I should reconsider my life choices." Seriously......triple album? Come on. Try a best of with 1 new song as a start. Maybe a 40 minute back to basics rock album. I'm confident that so long as Axl doesn't slip in the shower and die, we'll get a new album sometime in the next decade or two, and I get that it is fun to be positive and get excited, but it seems a bit unrealistic to talk about double or triple albums. We'll get a triple album when Axl Rose croaks and Fernando needs a new pair of jet skis and in turn releases the 3 disc Chinese Democracy box set that has 32 revisions of IRS.
  6. New album this year rumour

    What makes GNR so special that they are above making money? I didn't realize that these were a bunch of starving artists standing up against capitalism. I also didn't realize it was illegal to release a greatest hits album if you don't have 5.72 albums worth of material with at least 98.83 percent being original material. Here's a hint, greatest hits and best of albums aren't aimed at hardcore fans browsing GNR forums at 12:28 eastern standard time. They are aimed at casual fans, soccer moms, 14 year olds who weren't alive when Guns N Roses was cool, and people who haven't figured out that you can just torrent music. The GNR GH album was one of the most positive moves made for the band whether in the last 15 years. The release of that album combined with VR being in the mainstream at the time and WTTJ being the main song of San Andreas likely bought GNR a whole new segment of fans and helped rejuvenate interest in the band among a certain type of fan. Anybody who looks at GNR as this super cool rock band who is above making money is delusional. GNR is a hot topic band. I like their music, but it doesn't change the fact that at this point they are Kiss 2.0 except that Gene Simmons actually puts out CDs and has a daughter I want to bang. The closest thing Axl has to a daughter is his dogs he posts pics of on twitter and I don't really want to bang them. Seriously, get real guys. "OMG GNR DIDNT HAVE ENOUGH SONGS TO PUT OUT A GREATEST HITS AND MAKE TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS BECAUSE THEY ARE AN UNKNOWN ARTHOUSE PUNK BAND WHO PREACH SOCIALIST ETHICS AND INSTEAD OF SELLING T SHIRTS PROVIDE A COMMUNAL CAN OF SPRAY PAINT SO THAT FANS CAN STENCIL THEIR OWN SECOND HAND SHIRTS WHILE BRINGING A DONATION FOR THE LOCAL FOOD BANK TO THE SHOW AT SOME DUDES BASEMENT BECAUSE THIS BAND DOESNT CARE ENOUGH ABOUT MONEY TO SELL CDS." What what?