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  1. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    The remix is better than the album version by a ridiculous margin. I haven't read a lot of the comments in this thread, but would not surprise me if older pure "rawk" fans don't like this version because it is more hip hop/R&B in tone. That's not a criticism of them just an observation, I wouldn't like GNR Dubstep, everybody has their box they are in musically. Vocals are better, the overall structure of the song is better, it's catchier. I get people are attached to Robin's solo, but it would be out of place ham fisted into this version which I think is a funny observation because CD as an album seemed to be Axl trying to hamfist a decade worth of parts and overdubs into each song. This version is more cohesive. This I Love was not an A level GNR song for me. I don't like the lyrics, vocals, or the arrangements all that much, but this remix version saves it for me. It's very good.
  2. low testosterone
  3. Each to their own, but paying $650 for a box of junk is insane. The only justification for that might be if it comes with a certified Axl auto. Temp tattoos and lithographs do not equal a few extra hundred dollars compared to just buying either the LPs or CDs. It's insane that they couldn't get together to record one new song as a bonus track to be the single. What's up with that? Guessing Slash wouldn't put on the school boy outfit.